Twitter's Reverse Chronological Timeline is now open to developers

Twitter's Reverse Chronological Timeline is now open to developers

Instead of being sold to Elon Musk, Twitter is focusing on creating a more connected platform by adding Reverse Chronological Home Timeline to its API for developers which will make the third-party apps even better.

This will help developers to easily retrieve most recent tweets directly from Twitter timeline and all of them will be from authenticated user or the accounts they follow.

As the company claimed:

“This functionality is important to numerous developer use-cases and we will continue to prioritise innovation and functionality that allows you to build with the core elements of the Twitter experience,”.

Following the recent news about WhatsApp API (cloud based) being introduced by the Meta, Twitter API v2 is already here and:

“The increased rate and pagination Tweet limits of v2 are going to be a noticeable benefit for our users. Given how crucial this call is, it really underscores Twitter’s continuing commitment to modernising their API,” said Paul Haddad, one of Tweetbot’s developers.

The best part of this new update is all the current and new developers who uses Twitter API to develop third-party apps will be able to use the new endpoints without any waiting times.

This new update will eventually drive more developers towards Twitter to make more fun apps.