3 Best Airbnb Freelance Jobs to Consider

One of the great things about Airbnb is that it opens up the opportunity for almost anyone to travel without breaking the bank or spending a bunch of needless cash.

3 Best Airbnb Freelance Jobs to Consider
Photo by Good Faces on Unsplash

Airbnbs tend to be less expensive than hotel rooms, and they tend to offer a lot more flexibility. 

Plus, you can find them almost anywhere.

If you're a freelancer or a gig worker who's thinking about traveling for work for a living, then you may be looking at Airbnb as a means to facilitate this.


Now you just need to find a type of work that works really well for this style and method of travel.

So in this blog post, we're going to explore our 3 favorite Airbnb-compatible freelance jobs to consider if you want to travel for work, stay in Airbnbs, and live a life of adventure and exploration.

The world is your oyster! So let's dive into it.

Note: Are you interested in renting out your own living space to make some extra money with Airbnb while traveling abroad? If so, make sure to pick up some Airbnb insurance to protect your investment. 

1. Freelance Writer 

More and more companies are hiring writers these days—to help create website content, blogs, sales emails, and more.

In fact, this industry (freelance writing) is still growing—and it's only going to get bigger and more profitable as time goes on.

As businesses grow their online presence, they need skilled writers to help them create all the content that's required to sustain their SEO optimization and content marketing strategies.

This means that the vast majority of businesses in the world, at some point, are going to need at least one writer working on their projects. 

And guess what? 

A lot of this work is done remotely, through freelancing. 

It’s just a lot more affordable and convenient for businesses to hire freelance writers than it is for them to hire employees to do it in-house. 

Plus, as a freelance writer, you can make really good money. 

In fact, getting started with a writing hustle isn't even that complicated. 

Join a freelance site like Upwork and start bidding on a few jobs to get your foot in the door. 

2. Virtual Assistant 

A lot of busy professionals hire virtual assistants to help them take care of mundane, time-consuming tasks that they just don't have time for.

This could include sorting through emails, data entry work, making calendar appointments, responding to business inquiries, performing basic content publication work, etc.

The cool thing about being a virtual assistant is that every job is a little bit different. 

So you'll never know what you might run into, and you can leverage your creativity to help you be more productive and get more done.

Plus, the fact that virtual assistants usually get paid by the hour and work a set number of hours every week can give you a job that, for all intents and purposes, feels pretty ‘normal,’ while also allowing you the freedom to explore, stay in Airbnbs, and live a life of adventure.

It's actually pretty cool. 

3. Social Media Specialist

Social media is becoming a mainstay focus for businesses that want to expand their marketing reach.

However, with more and more social media sites popping up—and with these strategies becoming evermore time-consuming—more and more businesses are hiring social media strategists and managers to manage their marketing campaigns.

You can get started in this industry with relative ease. 

All you need is a basic understanding of social media tactics, which you can easily find after watching a few hours of content on YouTube.

Then, get your foot in the door with your first real gig, and let the adventure begin.

You can do this work from anywhere, you can travel while you do it, and you can stay in Airbnbs while basically living the nomadic life you've always dreamed of. 


There you have it.

Our 3 favorite Airbnb freelance jobs to consider if you want to travel and live a life of adventure while also doing work that you love and find fulfillment in.

The creativity in these jobs will make them feel amazing. 

Plus, you'll get to be part of a dynamic team—even though you'll be working remotely, which is pretty cool.