How the Digital Economy is Driven by Domain Names

The domain name you choose for your website could be one of the most important moves you make as a business person attempting to thrive not only in the brick and mortar space but also online. According to, domain names are so important, you need to “understand the true value of any domain” before you invest in it. 

How the Digital Economy is Driven by Domain Names
Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

If you’re unsure of the worth of domain name you’re buying or even selling you, can use the domain appraisal’s new tool to find out precisely how valuable (or not valuable) the domain name is. 

Says a recent industry report, would you invest your hard earned dollars to purchase a domain name such as Of course not. The number represents an IP address and that’s all. It’s not very memorable is it? It certainly doesn’t add anything to your particular brand.  

Which is why marketing experts highly recommend you establish a unique domain name that will allow your customers and potential customers to remember your website while you establish an ever expanding online brand presence

Simply said, a terrific domain name will ensure your long-term online business success. This is because the first thing a potential customer does to reach your website is engage in a search. A relatable keyword and easy to remember website in your domain name can assist a customer with their search to your site rapidly. 

It will also give you increased traffic to your website.

Advantages of Having a Great Website Domain Name

The experts agree that a great domain name for your website adds true credibility to your business. Naturally, you want your company to appear as professional as possible. This includes having a proper domain name. 

Even in the 2020s, some people still have a distrust of the internet. A domain name that originates from a “free web hosting site” might not encourage a potential customer to your website. For instance, “” appears more trustworthy than “” .

Establishing a Tech-Savvy Brand Image

Marketing experts and influencers agree that online companies with easy to recall URLs will always improve brand imaging. Customers will perceive your business as a “technologically updated emerging brand.” This tech-savvy approach will assist your business in competing with similar existing brands. 

You Need to Allow for No or Few Branding Errors

Branding is your business requires as few errors as possible. For instance, a short domain name will ensure that there are no spelling errors made on behalf of users attempting to type in your URL. 

A short URL not only helps in improving your brand, but it acts as a crucial first step toward that overall important “brand awareness.” 

For example, is your domain name is, the chance of missing some of those letters is high. But if the domain is something like, potential customers will have an easier time of typing in the correct URL. 

Free Walk-In Traffic

A domain name that’s made up of keywords directly related to your business, products, and/or services, will most definitely increase the visibility of your company. It will also help your site ranking when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). 

For instance, offers custom-designed t-shirts to its potential customers and loyal supporters. Perhaps you are not aware of this business and you find yourself doing a Google search for “best online custom t-shirt sites.” The chances of appearing at the top of your search is excellent. 

Having a domain name that contains SEO friendly keywords will not only help you in the purchase of a product you desire, it also assists the company with not having to run expensive ad campaigns. Saving on advertising dollars means more profit for business owners. 

Simple Mobility of Your Domain Name

Simple and easy mobility of your domain name is important. If you are unhappy with your present hosting site or or you’ve made the decision to move to another country altogether, then your domain name is the one crucial thing that will travel with you. 

The mobility of your domain anywhere on the global internet won’t impact your brand which you have constructed with a whole lot of sweat equity for many years. That means having an easy-to-remember domain name with memorable and relatable keywords in it can assist you in brand awareness. It also enables you to grab that free traffic you so desire. 

In the end, it improves site ranking and establishes your business as forward thinking and customer friendly.