Animated Icons for Windows 11 Settings App to Release Soon

Microsoft is testing a new feature for the Windows 11 Settings app and it looks like it is going to release the final version soon.

Animated Icons for Windows 11 Settings App to Release Soon
Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Currently, the feature which shows animated icons in the settings app on Windows 11 is in beta testing and available for Windows Insiders.

Windows Insiders is Microsoft’s beta testing program for testing new features, updates, and announcements for the upcoming changes to Windows OS.

XDA Developers reported that Windows 11 beta testers claimed that Microsoft is testing animated icons for the Settings app in Windows 11.

Microsoft even took it further. The name of this little feature is “Delightful Unexpected Moments of Joy” as shared by a Twitter user.

These newly made animated icons will replace current static icons in the Windows 11 settings app and Windows 12 could follow.

Some users reported that these animated icons were dancing on their screens and it was looking like a fun game that is playing on its own.

To your notes: Tech-savvy people are already eyeing Microsoft's next big launch of Windows 12, but the software company is busy changing little things in the currently available operating system.

With these little changes, Windows 11 is competing with macOS and currently, there’s no official statement about when these little changes will be officially available to everyone using Windows 11 verified copy.