Apple want you to replace your passwords with "Passkeys"

WWDC2022: Apple Passkeys is the future of password-less apps, websites, and platforms where a user can easily login without having to remember a complex password for each different account and it is happening.

Apple want you to replace your passwords with "Passkeys"
Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

As per the claims by Apple, over 95% of the iCloud are already on two-factor authentication (2FA) and it is helping them to log in without a password.

According to the company, this means people are ready to adopt a password-less access system that is presented by Apple as “Passkey” and it is going to roll-out so very soon.

The Cupertino based tech-company is looking forward to replacing passwords with Passkeys which is another way to put a full stop to cyber attacks, hacking, and phishing.

Passing the FIDO standards, these Passkeys could make it impossible for any person or company to bypass the security of a user since there will be no password in the first place so nobody can login without having a trusted device where the user is already given access to his accounts.

This new way of accessing online accounts is something that Facebook is already doing with some of its users.

Some users report that Facebook sometimes doesn’t let a particular user to login into the account with the correct username and password and requires to confirm from a device recently the account was being used.

This is something Apple Passkeys will follow to make an unhackable/passwordless world.

Users will be asked to generate a new Passkey for using it on another device and Apple users will be able to login using their Touch ID or Face ID.

However, this is up to the developers of apps and services who are responsible for adding this new security feature are just ditch it for their own comfort.

Apple hopes that more and more developers will be adopting this new login system for sure.