Samsung to introduce a dual-screen smartphone with transparent display

In a patent application filed by Samsung, the company is looking forward to building a smartphone that could have a dual-display and the exciting part of this filing is the rear display would be transparent too.

Samsung to introduce a dual-screen smartphone with transparent display
Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

As we have seen smartphones in movies with dual displays and transparent displays too, Samsung is actually going to work on it.

As per the reports, by XDA Developers and other trusted sources on the internet, Samsung in the future may release a smartphone that could have two displays one at the front as we see today in all the smartphones and one at the backside of the mobile that would be a transparent display.

What is a transparent display in smartphones? It is a display that is available at the backside of a smartphone and shows content even when it looks like that is not a display and actually just the back of the phone, but in reality, it is a display that actually shows things.

This is not about you being able to see through the phone set.

Technology is far behind to develop a truly transparent mobile phone, but Samsung is the best company that is experimenting with new things with its gadgets and is looking forward to developing dual-screen and even dual-screen-foldable smartphones in coming years.

If Samsung could make it a reality and not just a patent, it will be a breakthrough in the smartphone industry and a life-changing experience for the users.