How to Decorate High Ceiling Rooms

High ceilings are often a top choice for home buyers. They are frequently desired by home purchasers because of how vast and bright they can make a space feel. While it's great to have a place that seems open, it's also nice to have a sense of comfort. A space with high ceilings can also start to look empty, hollow, and bare. Don’t worry though, we have got it covered for you. From long custom curtains to wooden beams, we’ve gathered all the inspiration you’ll need on your journey to decorate a high ceiling room.

How to Decorate High Ceiling Rooms
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

The vertical space should be split into three portions, according to the rule of thirds (also known as the Golden Selection Rule). As a second phase, each component should be assigned a function: for example, the bottom components can serve as a foundation for furniture, while elements such as lighting fixtures and oversized artwork can cover the middle sections and act as a balancing link between the floor and the ceilings. The top areas of the walls may stay vacant depending on their size. 

To make any room feel cozier and more inviting, the key is to optically divide the large vertical span into 2-3 visual zones, and make the ceiling ‘appear’ closer than it is. 

With this guiding goal, follow these simple design ideas to make a room with high ceilings feel cozier. 

Do two-tone walls

Painting two-tone walls - also known as color blocking - is a popular method to bring the ceiling closer. Color blocking creates an optical break in a  tall wall, whereas one solid color lengthens it. Two-tone walls can be achieved in a variety of ways, including using one hue on top and another on the bottom, wallpaper on one half, or even something textured like wainscoting or wood. This design also gives a room a lot of personality and character.

Consider wooden beams

Exposed beams are another popular feature that many designers deploy to break up the visual expanse in a tall ceiling room. Not only does the wood bring warmth with its color and texture, but the beams also add serious character and personality to most decor styles. Both modern and rustic designs benefit from exposed and painted wooden beams. From a farmhouse cottage to an open-plan Scandinavian loft, wooden beams fit as stunning architectural elements for many decor styles. They also shrink the room's overall scale and balance its proportions. 

Mount curtains 

Tall vertical walls all painted flat can look bare and clinical. Extra-long custom curtains - flowing from ceiling to floor - can be the showstoppers that add softness, warmth, and texture to the otherwise tall, plain walls. Designers recommend steering clear of patterns on extra-long drapery and instead opting for plains and textured fabrics to let the sheer size of drapery be at the center stage. If you prefer custom roman shades over curtains, pick fabrics with horizontal patterns to elongate the space horizontally and draw attention away from the empty vertical span.

Bring in floating shelves

Shelving is another common way to decorate high-ceiling rooms. Sculptures, photos, plants, and even smaller pieces of art can all be displayed on stylish floating shelves. The shelves help to fill the empty vertical space while giving you a stylish option to display your curated collection of various accessories.  

Adorn With Artwork

Of course, it would be a mistake not to hang some artwork on a tall wall! All of that empty wall space begs for it. Consider vertical scale oversized paintings or other art forms to create a link between the floor and ceiling. When choosing art, we recommend picking something that syncs with the overall palette of the room to appear cohesive. 

Add Flair with Lighting

Mount vertical scale pendant lights and chandeliers to bring the ceiling closer while adding another element of visual interest. This will help visually connect the lower and upper parts of the room. In terms of placement, the center of the room or above the coffee table is usually the best choice. As noted below, do consider fixtures that offer vertical shape and span, and are not too heavy. 


In terms of maintaining balance in a high-ceiling home, there are a few things you should strive to avoid. Small furniture products, small works of art, and diverse ornamental pieces should not be used to clutter the room. Instead, try to employ large-scale pieces to stay in sync with the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. With that stated, we wish you a happy decorating experience!