Google may announce Pixel 8 with a new chipset called "Tensor"

Chips industry is taking the flight in every corner of the world and now the news about Google’s Pixel 8 to get a new chipset with the help of Samsung and probably named it as “Tensor”.

Google may announce Pixel 8 with a new chipset called "Tensor"
Tensor, the keyword (google blog)

Google launched Pixel 6 series with first generation Tensor chipset which is not a comparable one with the ones already in the market, but Google is aiming to improve it with further launches.

An online report shared that this Tensor chipset will be the third version of Google’s Tensor chipsets which Google (reportedly) looking forward to ship the Pixel 7 with.

As per the leaked details, this new chipset which is being developed by Google in collaboration with Samsung is titled as “Tensor 3” and its model number is S5P9865 which is currently being tested on a developer board names as “Ripcurrent” somewhere in the Google smartphone labs.

To your notes: Samsung is already working on its own chipsets and now collaborating with Google to make chipsets for Google Pixel smartphones too.

This might be a tough time for Apple with Bionic Chipset that will be available in the iconic iPhone 14 series.

As smartphones are ruling the world by now, more and more companies are getting into the chip-making business. Let’s see what they do next.