eBay Acquires TCGplayer (a trading card platform) for $295 million

eBay is not looking behind to put its wings on TCGplayer (a trading card platform) which is working on the same model as eBay is working.

eBay Acquires TCGplayer (a trading card platform) for $295 million

eBay acquired the company TCGplayer in a deal for $295 million.

This is a good news to collectible card game enthusiasts as eBay knows this industry very well and could make it big with its 600+ already working employees.

TCGplayer is a marketplace to help online sellers and brick-and-mortar retailers to sell through the marketplace directly to hobbyist buyers who are ready to spend on collectible game cards.

As collectible industry is so big, TCGplayer is helping buyers and sellers with one platform that make it unique than others.

eBay purchase of TCGplayer will do wonders for the community of collectibles. As Dawn Block, VP of Collectibles at eBay said:

"eBay continues to build on our 26 years of experience in trading cards, powering local hobby stores and Main Street retailers to deliver an online destination that collectors love,"

With eBay's 26 years of experience, the company aims high:

"With TCGplayer, we can enhance the customer experience across categories, forge even more relationships, and cater to enthusiasts around the world," Block said in a statement.

While Chedy Hampson, Founder and CEO of TCGplayer is also confident regarding this acquisition and aims to work with eBay for making TCGplayer a next big thing.