Twitter launches “Twitter Circle” worldwide

The world is going private and every next platform is introducing some privacy-focused features.

Twitter launches “Twitter Circle” worldwide

This time, Twitter launched its previous “Circle” feature that lets users tweet to a select group of Twitter users and it really makes sense.

Users can select up to 150 people to create a Circle and then tweet to them without making that tweet go public.

The tweets being made in a Twitter Circle will stay in the circle and will be available to the participants of that particular circle.

It is not so different than Facebook’s Private Group feature that let a user post something that is accessible to only the members of that private group and not the whole Facebook community.

Twitter started to test this feature with a few Beta users and now released it worldwide.

The tweets in Circles will be distinguishable from traditional tweets on the social network.

Twitter launches “Twitter Circle” worldwide

The tweets that you will be making in your Twitter circle are not retweetable and can’t be shared publicly.

You can add up to 150 members for creating your own free Twitter Circle.

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