US Researchers Develop 10 Minutes Superfast EV Battery Charging Method

Electric vehicles are changing the world for good. The only issue some people focus on for EVs is the time it takes to charge batteries on which all of the current EV vehicles run. However, a team of US researchers claimed something that can revolutionize this sector forever.

They developed a method that can easily charge a battery in 10 minutes.

US Researchers Develop 10 Minutes Superfast EV Battery Charging Method
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Yes, this method when applied would full-charge an EV battery in under 10-minute on the normal voltage of electricity supply.

Currently, the method is in its novel stage and is called as the Superfast Charging Method.

The team uses AI (machine learning) techniques to create new charging protocols that help to charge an EV battery that can avoid any damage and disaster from happening.

The team headed by Eric Dufek department manager for the Energy Storage and Electric Transportation Department at Idaho National Laboratory in the US, Plans to develop new lithium-ion batteries and also some new superfast charging methods to make sure that new EV batteries could get charged in a few minutes and work seamlessly.

While sharing insights at the meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Dufek said: "Fast charging is the key to increasing consumer confidence and overall adoption of electric vehicles,".

"It would allow vehicle charging to be very similar to filling up at a gas station," he added.

Probably this new invention is powered by machine learning as the scientists used machine learning models to identify the risks involved and after analyzing the data of currently available types of lithium-ion batteries using machine learning, they then fed the output again to machine learning algorithms to get final results that they implemented on real batteries and developed a superfast charging method out of it.

It is one of the best of its kind machine-learning-powered-invention for the goodness of mankind.