Chrome to Get More Protection Features for Incognito Browsing

Google keeps on testing new features for its browser “Chrome” and the tech giant releases those features for all users when they are stable and useable for everyone.

Chrome to Get More Protection Features for Incognito Browsing

Today we received news about Google releasing the new security features for surfing the internet on a private window of Google Chrome for Android that the company name “Incognito Window”.

Soon users will be able to further secure a private tab using a PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint on the Android version of the Chrome browser.

Currently, the feature is available under the “flags” directory of Chrome where mostly the features which are in the testing phase reside.

This new feature will enable a user to create a private browsing environment of Chrome for Android and then protect those tabs with a security lock.

If you want to access the feature right now, here's how:

  • Open Chrome browser on your Android device
  • Open a New Incognito Window
  • Tap on the URL bar copy/paste "chrome://flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android"
  • Confirm and there you are

It will enable a locking feature that will ask the user to re-authenticate themselves when they leave an incognito tab and opens the same once again without closing the entire incognito window.

This will be a helpful feature to protect our private browsing and don’t be in a tempting situation ever after browsing privately for anything personal or professional purposes.

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