Meta teases an AI Text-To-Video Generator titled 'Make-A-Video'

You may have listened about the AI text generators, and the famous “AI Photo Generators”.

Meta teases an AI Text-To-Video Generator titled 'Make-A-Video'

Have you ever listened about an AI-powered text-to-video generator? That can generate real videos without any shooting and capturing involved and not software or any kind of other inputs but just some lines of text?

Well, Meta (formerly Facebook) which is found by Mark Zuckerberg just revealed the first demo videos of their AI Text To Video generator.

Yes, Zuckerberg shared the video on his official Facebook page and said that this new AI model called Make A Video can easily generate videos from text inputs (a few words).

Meta founder shared that the demo version of this product will be released into the metaverse very soon, but till then, people can enjoy watching AI generated videos that he shared.

In a detailed announcement, by MakeAVideo studios, Meta shared that this new AI model is generating videos from text inputs with the help of big data which is loaded into the algorithms and sourced from unlabelled video footage, images, and captions from WebVid-10M and HD-VILA-100M that includes loads of datasets with thousands of hours of footage that empowers this AI model to generate unmatched videos from the text.

As per the announcement by Meta CEO, this AI model works on a pixel-by-pixel rule to generate videos that make sense and change the moments of objects in a video that is not an easy task as it is for AI to generate a photo from text inputs.

This would be a breakthrough for content creators and marketing agencies. However, Meta has not announced anything like a commercial product.

Meta may make the tool available to publish in a limited option and as a demo for the users.

It is all happening to empower Meta’s plans for building a massive Metaverse (next generation of social media) with a lot more products, features, and new things than we have seen ever before.