How To Choose The Best Breast Reduction Treatment Provider?

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure which reduces the size of breast. Breast reduction surgery can be done for medical, cosmetic, reconstructive or reconstructive/psychosocial reasons. There are many different types of breast reduction techniques available, such as:

  • removal of glandular tissue and mastectomy;
  • preoperative mastectomy; 
  • subtotal mastectomy plus placement of silicone gel implants; 
  • total contralateral mastectomy with implant placement on the chest wall; and 
  • autologous fat transfer to create the desired new shape.
How To Choose The Best Breast Reduction Treatment Provider?

Tips to choose professional treatment provider

1. Experience -

Experienced surgeons have been performing breast reduction in Suffolk county, NY for a very long time and have mastered their own techniques.  They have successfully treated thousands of patients, learn from their failures and keep trying new methods and procedures to improve the results.

2. Hospital –

It is recommended that you find out whether your surgeon has privileges at a local hospital nearby. In case there are any issues, such as requiring emergency medical attention, it would be very easy for the doctor to perform the additional treatment at the hospital and save your life if there are no complications during or after surgery.

3. Surgery center -

Almost all plastic surgery clinics are approved and approved by any hospital. The difference lies in their accreditation and the implementation of strict quality standards. If a plastic surgery clinic is not certified, you might get a poor quality of services at a very expensive price.

4. Personal credentials –

An experienced plastic surgeon will surely have a great reputation in the industry, plenty of professional development and education experience. They are well respected by the peers and can be contacted by other doctors to share their medical knowledge and skills. In addition, the plastic surgeons should be specialized in the breast reduction surgery. 

5. Recommendations -

It is very helpful if you ask your friends or families to give you some references of plastic surgeons in your location as they might have had such experiences before. It is easier for you to go through their opinions of what they like or dislike about their treatment provider.

6. Referrals -

A successful plastic surgeon has built an excellent reputation among the community and will surely have recommendations from satisfied patients. If you do not see any results from your plastic surgeon, get referrals from the people you know.

Ask them if they are satisfied with their treatment provider and what their experience was like. It would be a good idea to ask for references from the past people and see whether there is any history of complications, pain or healing issues.