The best smartwatches for your workouts

Working out is a great way to improve your overall well-being and health, including mental and physical. However, sometimes it can be difficult to accurately track your progress when you’re exercising. This is where smartwatches come in! Smartwatches are designed to track your workouts and each has different strengths in the features they possess. We know working out can be expensive in itself with gym memberships and clothes. One of our favourite tips is searching for discounts that can help us with the costs! Having a look around and searching terms like “adidas discount codes” can give you some impressive percentages off. 

The best smartwatches for your workouts

How Do Smartwatches Help Your Overall Health? 

Smartwatches have been proven to help with a person’s overall health as they’re statistically more likely to engage in exercise than if they didn’t purchase a smartwatch. They encourage the user to maintain an active lifestyle, in turn improving their general mental and physical health. On top of this, they also provide personalised health insights and can even give medication reminders! Smartwatches are a great tool to use whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or just looking to start working out. 

So, without further ado, we’ve rounded up the best smartwatches for your workouts …

1. Apple Watch Series 8 

Apple watches have been a staple exercise smartwatch since its first release in 2014. Their sleek design and changeable strap make them easy on the eye and they’re incredibly functional. Skip forward 8 years, we now have the Apple Watch Series 8. Released in mid-September 2022, this smartwatch has many incredible functions to serve your workouts. With 36 hours of battery power and its new low-power mode, you’ll be able to track all workouts throughout the day, even impromptu walks without worrying about charge. It also tracks your blood oxygen levels, heart rate and amount of calories burnt. This apple watch also has a temperature detector for female cycle tracking for a more accurate determination of where women are in their cycle. You can then tailor your workouts accordingly! 

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the best on the market for android users. It comes in a range of different colours and is the first Samsung Galaxy Watch to have Samsung’s wear OS allowing your favourite apps to be synced. Aside from these great features, it has 24/7 fitness tracking and automatic sleep monitoring. These can then be used to decide on your working out schedule. It also has impressive body composition, that can collect data on your body fat, muscle, BMI and more. 

3. Fit Bit Versa 4

This is the latest Fit Bit Versa, released in September 2022. It comes with a new sports design, perfect for your workouts! The new Fit Bit Versa has sleep readiness scores, which look at how you slept the night before and how much activity you’ve engaged in throughout the day. After you’ve been using the watch consistently, it’ll provide you with sleep tips for your sleep cycle. It also can take your glucose and blood oxygen levels, and shows you mindfulness exercises on your wrist. These features can help up your workout game as it allows you to optimise your exercise with full knowledge of your body’s rhythms. 

4. Coros Pace 2 

The Coros Pace 2 is a smartwatch for those looking to track more intense workouts where more durability is needed. The design makes it great for those that are using it during activities where flexibility is needed and also for those with slender wrists. It’s features include high level location tracking which is great if you’re doing an outdoors activity in an area that’s unknown to you. It also has great fitness tracking which can help you enhance your workouts and increase your health levels.

There are so many high quality smartwatches out there that can enhance your workouts, it’s a saturdated industry! Exercise is important for the mind and body, and tracking your workouts can help you figure out how you can improve your routine. If you’re undecided on which smartwatch to invest in, we hope reading our top selection has helped!