What Glasses Styles Are Ideal For People In Their 40s

What Glasses Styles Are Ideal For People In Their 40s

Best Glasses Styles To Stand Out In Your 40s

When it comes to styling your glasses, certain aspects must be taken into consideration. Some of the most common ones include the occasion that you are dressing up for, the type of outfit that you are wearing, or even your face shape. Apart from this, you also need to pick a pair that suits your age. 

Selecting an ideal glasses’ style as per your age is no rocket science. And there is a huge variety of glasses to choose from, which will certainly go a long way in helping you make a bold statement with your style. 

In this writeup, we will be talking about the best glasses’ styles for those in their 40s to stand out with their style game.

Recently, when I went to buy prescription sunglasses over the internet, I arrived at the site of Specscart, which is a Manchester-based eyewear startup. Apart from superb sunglasses collection, the site had a lot to offer when it came to their glasses collection too. I also noticed that their collection was fine-tuned with the best trending styles for all age groups.

We are here to help you out with the trending styles and once you know about them, you can proceed with your purchase. Read on!

Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses carry a solid sophistication that is difficult to go unnoticed. So be assured of making heads turn while these frameless spectacles are resting on your face. We must say that a sophisticated style will always look brilliant on people in their 40s.

The one-of-a-kind frameless structure with sleek metallic temples set the stage for something that is an absolute class. The crystal clear lenses are the central figure in rimless glasses. Along with a polished elegance, you are also assured of no hindrance to your facial features as this style comes with a frameless front portion.. 

When it comes to choosing a pair for someone in their 40s from the variety that is available, the good news is that making a choice is super simple. You will barely find any variant of rimless glasses that are not stylish for people in their 40s. However, one style that can be spotted all over the streets is rectangular rimless glasses.

In case you require eyesight correction, you can also get your rimless glasses customised with your prescription. When it comes to the purchase part, don’t hesitate to try out prescription glasses online.

Tortoiseshell Frames

Looking for a style that displays a classic charisma? The aesthetically pleasing tortoiseshell frames with their striking patterns are a perfect contender here. It is the eye-catching patterns that make tortoiseshell frames a bold and vibrant style that can light up your style game. 

In present times, the options with regards to tortoiseshell patterns are a lot more. Apart from the traditional patterns that are a blend of colours like brown, amber, and yellow, among others, you also have options of funky patterns that blend colours like blue, green, and orange. If you are confused about the style that you need to complement your tortoiseshell frames with, browlines and round frames are a great match here.


Browline glasses are exceptional for people in their 40s - thanks to their sophisticated aesthetics. The offbeat structure that has a relatively thicker acetate upper rim with sleek metal frame lining the bottom portion of the lenses provides an easily noticeable contrast to browlines. This also goes a long way in enhancing the facial features of an individual, apart from imparting an elite look. 

Talking about the variants that are trending, the minimal all-black frames are a classic addition. You can also complement browlines with tortoiseshell frames, or browlines that lie towards the roundish end.

Round Glasses

You cannot doubt the versatility of round glasses as you will certainly find a pair suited for all your style needs, whether it is to do with your age or the occasion, or even your outfits. If you are looking to take your eyewear fashion to the next level in your 40s, round glasses are a brilliant pick. 

An elegant vintage appeal is guaranteed with round glasses - something that is highly sought after in the modern fashion space. For those with angular face shapes, round glasses will give your angular facial features the much-needed enhancement. 

The top styles to choose include timeless metal frames, contemporary round transparent frames, and offbeat round aviators, among others. So when are you looking to add a pair of round glasses to your wardrobes so that you can shine out in your 40s?