How to Access Samsung Notes On PC (fix installation error)

Transferring notes from a smartphone to a laptop is something every remote worker should be aware of to easily organize tasks and complete them in time.

How to Access Samsung Notes On PC (fix installation error)
Viewing Samsung Notes on Windows PC/Laptop

Samsung Notes is a productivity app that lets you create notes on the go using your smartphone and then it is also available on Windows PCs via Microsoft Store to let you sync your Samsung Notes from Mobile to Windows PC just in a blink.

Here’s how:

How to Get Samsung Notes on Windows PC?

In a few steps, you can install Samsung Notes app on your Windows PC whether you are using Windows 8, 10, or Windows 11 or any latest version of Windows on any PC (Dell, Microsoft, HP, Compaq, etc). Just follow the simple steps that are written below:

  1. Go to Microsoft Store (use Windows Search bar to find it)
  2. Click on the Search bar of the Microsoft Store and type Samsung Notes
  3. From there, click on the Get button (next to the Samsung Notes store page)
  4. After it completes the download, it will install it automatically

That’s it, you will now see Samsung Notes in your Desktop view or under the Windows taskbar. Just double click on Samsung Notes icon and begin using it.

You should log in using the same account credentials as your smartphone to make sure you can sync properly from mobile to PC.

In case, if you are unable to install Samsung Notes from Microsoft Store and it is showing you a grey download/get button, you are not alone.

Many users reported that Microsoft Store is not allowing them to download Samsung Notes app and we have a fix for that.

Yes, see below to get a quick fix for Samsung Notes installation error on Windows PC.

Use Command Prompts in Windows

You can simply run a CMD command prompt and re-install Samsung Notes to fix the installation error easily:

  1. Go to the Windows Search bar and type CMD and open it
  2. In the Command Prompt box, type [winget install “Samsung Notes”]
  3. It will ask your permission to agree to Terms and Conditions, say Yes and wait
  4. In a few minutes (if not seconds depending on your internet speed) it will install Samsung Notes successfully
  5. After installation, Windows will show you a popup, you can Launch Samsung Notes from there and even Pin to Start for easy accessing
  6. Now you can Sign In and sync your Samsung Notes from Mobile or take a new start

That’s it, this is a fix for those who are not able to download Samsung Notes app using a traditional way of going to Microsoft Store.

If it is not showing on your PC even after this fix, you should go to Microsoft Store again and go to the Library to find out if it is available there or not.

If it is available in the Library, you should re-install it from there and it will show on your PC.

So now you can view Samsung Notes on your PC and enjoy taking notes on the go while they will come to your laptop via the internet without any connectivity problems.