What Is "ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now" Error & How to Fix It?

If you are using the revolutionary AI tool Chat GPT by OpenAI, you might have encountered the error “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” which blocks you from accessing the tool.

What Is "ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now" Error & How to Fix It?

The most straightforward meaning of this ChatGPT error is: the AI tool is unable to handle your request and asking you to wait for its servers to ease and let you use it again for free. There are a few ways to fix it ASAP.

So, to provide you with reasonable solutions for fixing this error, we are here with a few methods that can really help you to make sure you are not stuck at this to make you keep using Chat GPT for free and as much as you want.

Let’s read how to fix “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” with these 14 methods (the last one is a beast):

1. Use a Different Browser

Sometimes the fastest way to fix "ChatGPT is at capacity right now" is by changing your browser. You should use browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, and DuckDuckgo as these are the best compatible browsers for using Chat GPT.

2. Clear Your Browser’s Cache

You should clear your browser's cache and close it, reset your internet access and then restart the browser. This might be the best solution for fixing ChatGPT is at capacity right now.

3. Login to Your ChatGPT Account Again

Sometimes changing browsers doesn't work. You can fix this by logging out of your ChatGPT account and then logging in back after a few minutes. This will surely help you fix the error and let you access ChatGPT for free.

4. Restart your computer

Sometimes the ChatGPT is at capacity right now and resists even after a few hours and restarting your computer can help you fix the error. I personally tested this and it works like charm.

5. Use a VPN

If you can purchase a quality VPN, go and buy one and use it for accessing ChatGPT or you can use a free VPN extension in Chrome browsers such as Zenmate or others and use different countries to access the ChatGPT when it is at capacity.

6. Wait: Close ChatGPT and Reopen It Again

You can try to wait for OpenAI to enhance the servers. Just close the ChatGPT website and wait for a few minutes, then reopen it again. Hopefully, it will start working and bypass the error for you.

7. Disable VPN

There might be chances that you are already using ChatGPT on a VPN connection. You should try disabling the VPN connection, close the browser and then restart the browser to access Chat GPT without any VPN connection. It may start working for you.

8. Jump to Your Second OpenAI Account

If nothing is working for you, I recommend you create a new account for the OpenAI website and log in with that account. You can use another browser for this and use a VPN too.

9. Start a New Chat

You can try accessing the website "ChatGPT from chat.openai.com" on a new window and hopefully, it will work as it does sometimes for me.

10. Use a Different OpenAI API

If you are using a third-party app to access ChatGPT, you should try changing the OpenAI API it will surely help you fix the error.

11. Refresh the Page

Refreshing the page can be helpful sometimes and can fix the ChatGPT error. You can simply fix it by refreshing the current tab on your browser.

12. Ask OpenAI for a Rate Limit Increase

If nothing is working, take the extreme step of contacting the ChatGPT team to ask them to increase your rate limit so you can try their tool. Don't tell them that you are using it for your business.

13. Disable Your Ad-Blocker

You may not notice, but sometimes a good ad-blocker app or an extension could easily block you from accessing the ChatGPT and show you an error, go and disable it now.

14. Buy Paid Plan

The last and unfortunate solution for fixing “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” is subscribing to the paid plan.

Yes, there’s a paid plan for ChatGPT by OpenAI and this is available for those who want unlimited and uninterrupted access.

Here’s how much it cost per month:

ChatGPT monthly package costs $20 that enables you to access GPT-4 (the advanced version of ChatGPT).

Here’s a list of benefits of the ChatGPT paid plan:

  • Priority access to new features
  • Available even when the demand is high
  • No errors such as “ChatGPT is at capacity or Too many requests in 1 hour try again later“ error
  • Faster response speed
  • No waiting time

So these are the best ever solutions we can share with you to fix ChatGPT errors.

However, if you don’t want to use it with the above solutions or paying for the monthly fee, you can subscribe to the “get notified when we’re back” option that ChatGPT displays when it shows the “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” this will help you to know when the service is available for you to use for free without tricks and tweaks.

There are a few frequently asked questions regarding ChatGPT that I want to answer. Check them now:

Why is ChatGPT Not Working?

If you are seeing that chatgpt is not working on your side, you should try clearing the browser cache, closing the tabs, and reopening the chat.openai.com website. If it is still not working, check and make sure it is not giving you an error that you may need to fix. If it is showing a blank page, you should check your internet connection or firewall protection tool.

Why ChatGPT is Down

There might be chances that ChatGPT website is down for you or the entire world. There are chances of server failure, so don't worry and wait for a few minutes (sometimes a few hours) to let the OpenAI engineers fix the error.

What's ChatGPT Server Status

If you want to know more about ChatGPT server status and understand if it is up and running or not, you can go to https://status.openai.com/ and check it from the official website rather than relying on third-party tools that are not accurate.

ChatGPT Login

If you are looking for the chatgpt login page, you should go to https://chat.openai.com/ and it will show you the login page automatically without you searching for the page.

Stay on this page and will keep you updated with the latest information regarding machine learning apps and more about ChatGPT errors and their fixes.