How to Use AI Tools to Generate Free Logo for any Website or Business

If you are going to start any (online or offline) company or business, you will must have to find a graphic designer to design a Logo for your business or company, but now with new and advanced AI technology gives you the hold of designing a better Logo for your business or website.

How to Use AI Tools to Generate Free Logo for any Website or Business

In this article we will discuss that how you can use AI Tools to generate free Logo for any Website or Business you are going to start by following the easy methods, described in this article and save your time and money.

How to Use AI Tools to Generate Free Logo for any Website or Business

Starting a business or website demands to spend more in it's quality and base, and if you are familiar with the way to generate Logo for your own business, then you may design the best Logo that can suit your business and website and you can save money that you were going to pay to your graphic designer and will not have to wait for any designer to give you the designed Logo on any fixed time.

Follow the ways given below to design a Logo for your business or website using different and new AI Tools.

Adobe Express Logo Maker

Adobe Express Logo Maker is the most useful AI Tool that you may use to generate the best Logo for your Website or Business, here is how to use it:

  1. On your device, access the AI tool Adobe Express Logo Maker.
  2. Tap on Create Your Logo button.
  3. Now, enter the category of your Business/ Website, with your Name and Slogan text in the given empty fields.
  4. Next, pick the Style.
  5. Then, browse the available icons to select one that suits best to your work.
  6. Next wait for a while and browse and click your desired Logo to select it.
  7. Now, select from Color and Text options for your Logo's design, and then click the button Download.
  8. It will prompt you to Sign in or Create a new Adobe account to download the same logo. After this process, the picked logo will automatically be downloaded in .zip file.
  9. In the given .zip file you will find different variations of your logo to use according to your need.

LogoAi: Logo Maker Tool 

You may also use LogoAi Logo Maker Tool to generate a Logo for your Website or Business, follow the steps given below:

  1. In your Browser, visit the
  2. To make a Logo enter the name of your website or business.
  3. Enter your Slogan text. You may tap on Continue if you want to skip this step.
  4. Pick the Category of your website/business.
  5. Next, pick the Color Themes for your logo.
  6. Select Font Style for your Logo.
  7. Click the With Icons option if you want to add icons with the text in your logo.
  8. Next, enter three specific keywords that better explain your business/website.
  9. There, the Logo Maker Tool will offer different suggestions according to your input. Choose the logo that you want to personalize further in the editing workspace for yourself.
  10. After completing the further editing, click the Get Your Logo button from the top right corner of your screen to download it.
  11. Download the created logo in different formats and sizes by clicking the Logo Files button.
  12. Next, follow the instructions on the screen, click the Download button to move the generated logo as a .zip file to your system.
  13. You will have to sign in or create a new account to download the logo.


Q: Can I create a Logo for my business on my own computer?

Ans: Yes, you can create and design a Logo for your business on your own computer by having any AI Tool like Adobe Express Logo Mark or any other on your computer.

Q: Will the Logo which I will design be just mine and will not be offered to any other person ?

Ans: Yes, the Logo that you will design for yourself in any AI Tool, will be all yours and no other person can use it.

So, this was an easy guide for you to make you know about how to use different AI Tools to generate free Logo for your website or business like Adobe Express Logo Maker, Logo Maker Tool and you may also use Canva that has more easy steps to follow to create a logo.

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