Unlock the Power of Seamlessly Collecting Online Payments with Pay Buttons

It is necessary for businesses to have a reliable online and offline payment collection strategy. Suppose a consumer has no cash and wants to pay online but can’t because your company does not provide any direct link for payment. So, you did manage to get an online payment option, but it redirects the consumer to another website for payment which seems shady and untrustworthy. The consumer leaves the site, does not complete the transaction, and you don’t make any profit. 

But do you know that this problem can be quickly resolved with the help of a pay button? Read ahead to learn more about how to get the pay button and what its benefits are! 

Unlock the Power of Seamlessly Collecting Online Payments with Pay Buttons
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How Does Pay Button Help? 

A pay button is a feature that allows customers to make online payments with just one click. This button is usually located on the checkout page of an online store or website. This simplifies the payment process by eliminating the need for users to enter their payment information manually.

The pay button links to a payment gateway, which securely stores the customer's payment information, such as their credit card number, billing address, and name. When the customer clicks the pay button, the payment gateway automatically processes the payment and completes the transaction without needing the customer to enter their information again.

One of the key benefits of a pay button is that it helps to streamline the checkout process and make it more convenient for customers. Reducing the steps required to purchase can help reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales.

Additionally, pay buttons can be customised to match a website's branding, improving the overall user experience and creating a more professional look and feel.

Another benefit of pay buttons is that they are typically integrated with various payment options people use these days. This allows customers to choose their preferred payment method. It significantly increases the customer satisfaction rate and consequently helps you for a strong customer base.

From Where Can You Get a Pay Button? 

A payment service or gateway provider can provide a pay button. These companies offer pay button solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into an online store or website.

A popular payment gateway provider that offers pay button solutions is Razorpay. They offer a range of payment processing services, including online payments, recurring billing, and such.

To obtain a pay button, businesses or website owners would need to sign up for an account with a payment service provider and then follow the instructions provided by them to integrate the pay button into their website. This process typically involves copying and pasting a code snippet or widget onto the website's checkout page.

It's important to note that fees, such as transaction or monthly fees, may be associated with using a pay button. These fees can vary depending on the payment service provider and the transaction volume.

Get Pay Button and Increase Your Revenue 

Refrain from becoming a business that does not offer a flexible and more secure way for the consumer to complete the transaction. Such carelessness will result in a dry revenue stream, low profit, bankrupt business and a lot of stress. Since word of mouth is one of the most significant advertisement sources, you cannot afford to take such a chance. 

You will just have to submit a few documents for the powerful payment button, and you are good to go! Connect with Razorpay today and get the payment button for your business to simplify the online payment process.