Clash of Clans Codes (2024)

Clash of Clans (COC) is s great mobile game for strategy game lovers and it is one of the oldest games that is still the best with more than 10 years in constant updates to make it one of the most iconic games ever created.

Clash of Clans Codes – how to redeem free gems?

Players love Clash of Clans when playing without any cheat code but when you have a redeemable free code that helps you get some free gems, you can make it more fun.

As it is also a free to play game, everybody loves to at least try it once and then keep on playing for hours as the game is so addictive with achievements and playing track.

However, Gems is a feature in the Clash of Clans game that helps you achieve more in less time and pay with gems to bypass many tasks in seconds rather than waiting for hours. You can grind gems in the game or buy them for real money. But, you can also get them for free with Clash of Clans Codes. Yes, there are always some free to redeem promo codes available for this game, and here’s a list of these free codes to help you enjoy this mobile game more:

New Promo Codes for Clash of Clans Game in 2024

Check these codes to redeem for free and get gems to buy things and bypass tasks in the game for free:

Currently working codes:

No Clash of Clans Code is working today, we will add working codes here once we get them from our sources.

Visit this page after a day to check new updates.

Expired or might be working codes:

  1. 12LK69
  2. 26UZH9
  3. 325HSD
  4. 66SO6D
  5. 85KIDSS
  6. 89UYZ8
  7. 966WR1
  8. 98HDW3
  9. BUDAI363
  10. EGULA96
  11. HUDAI965
  12. LKD86DW
  13. SHALA96

So, these are some active and expired Clash of Clans Codes updated on 1st January 2024 for you. Keep visiting this page for updated codes.

NOTE: If you play Blooket, you can use these Blooket Codes to join a live game now.

50 Clash of Clans Creator Codes:

Want to support your favorite COC creators? and if you are finding some COC creator codes, then you can check them here and these codes will never expire:

No. COC Creator Name COC Creator Code
1 Attacker123 ATTACKER123
10 JumpTroops JUMPTROOPS
11 KingSlayer KINGSLAYER
12 LavaLoon LAVALOON
13 MinerGang MINERGANG
14 NightWitch NIGHTWITCH
15 OgreHunter OGREHUNTER
16 PekkaPlay PEKKAPLAY
17 QueenBeast QUEENBEAST
18 RageBarbarian RAGEBARBARIAN
19 SkeletonSwarm SKELETONSWARM
20 Tornadoes TORNADOES
21 Valkyrie VALKYRIE
22 Witchcraft WITCHCRAFT
23 X-BowMaster X-BOWMASTER
24 YetiGang YETIGANG
25 ZapQueen ZAPQUEEN
26 ArcherQueen ARCHERQUEEN
27 BarbarianKing BARBARIANKING
28 ClashMinion CLASHMINION
29 DragonQueen DRAGONQUEEN
30 ElectroDragon ELECTRODRAGON
31 Fireballer FIREBALLER
32 GoblinKing GOBLINKING
33 Healer HEALER
34 IceQueen ICEQUEEN
35 JumpDragon JUMPDRAGON
36 KingSlayer KINGSLAYER
37 LootBandit LOOTBANDIT
38 MinionMaster MINIONMASTER
39 NightKing NIGHTKING
40 Overlord OVERLORD
41 PekkaQueen PEKKAQUEEN
42 QueenSlayer QUEENSLAYER
43 RageLord RAGELORD
44 SkeletonQueen SKELETONQUEEN
45 TroopCommand TROOPCOMMAND
46 Victory VICTORY
47 WizardQueen WIZARDQUEEN
48 X-BowQueen X-BOWQUEEN
49 YetiKing YETIKING
50 ZapKing ZAPKING

You should try these creator codes if you want to support any of these Clash of Clans creators and if you are looking to help and support someone else, you can ask him/her for the creator code to add to your game. So then if you make an in-app-purchase the creator will get a commission but you will get nothing and as well give nothing.

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How to redeem a Class of Clans Code?

If you are using any of our suggested promo codes or someone just sent you a COC Code to redeem, you can follow this simple guide on how to do it:

  1. Hold your smartphone and open the Clash of Clans game on it
  2. Click on Profile/Menu and Login to your Clash of Clans account
  3. Open the Settings option
  4. Scroll to see the Redeem Gems option
  5. Tap on it and enter your Promo Code then click on Get to redeem it for free

That’s how you can use redeemable and free to use Clash of Clans codes as free promo codes for this game and claim some free gems.

Stay with us to get more tips for this game.