5 Ways to Buy Cryptocurrency

All countries apply different regulatory measures to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This mainly concerns taxation and payment for goods and services. Here we will consider the question of how to buy crypto (and it does not matter what country you are from). This is a fun way to diversify your investment portfolio and explore innovative investment options. However, you should always remember that investments in cryptocurrency are considered the most risky, so it is recommended to allocate only a part of the portfolio to them, along with stocks, bonds, foreign currencies.

5 Ways to Buy Cryptocurrency

People say that cryptocurrency is the money of the future, because since it is virtual, it cannot be taken and spent in a store or lost due to hacking by scammers. The site ChangeHero.io just talks about the fact that crypto is very useful in our time; there is a whole future behind it. Most likely, over time, the whole world will switch to electronic money. Isn’t it a great development for the planet?

Basic buying methods

These 5 methods are perhaps the most successful and effective, because they have been very popular for several years now. It is worth checking at least 2-3 points from your own experience.

  1. Cryptocurrency exchange. They are suitable for both a one-time purchase and regular trading. In addition, they have wide functionality for further work with crypto: for example, most sites provide the ability to use investment plans. This is a convenient way to both trade and receive passive income within one service. To buy a cryptocurrency, you first need to choose a way to do it – all coins can be purchased for fiat, for other coins or stablecoins. Then the account is replenished with the necessary assets (if necessary, verification must be completed before this). The next step is to create a buy order. But there is another option: if the exchange has a fiat gateway, then you can buy Bitcoin with card.
  2. P2p exchanges. How to buy crypto in this case? Such exchanges work on the principle of a free market, where users independently determine the rates, payment methods and limits that are comfortable for them. The choice of cryptocurrencies on such sites is usually small, but there is a very wide choice of payment options. 
  3. Exchangers. With the help of exchangers, you can buy Bitcoin instantly. If you want to exchange a specific coin, if you want to convert BTC to Monero, you can find an exchange offering the best prices. At the same time, a variety of payment methods are supported: Visa, Mastercard, MIR cards, AdvCash, Payeer, QIWI payment systems, in some cases even cash (then the exchange takes place at the office). During the purchase process, you will need to specify your details and amount, and then transfer fiat money in the indicated amount to the account issued by the exchanger, and then confirm the payment. After receiving the transaction, the service will automatically or manually send the desired cryptocurrency to the wallet address you specified. The speed of its receipt depends on the workload of the blockchain network.
  4. Crypto wallets. Lots of modern cryptocurrency wallets are equipped with the ability to either buy coins with a card or exchange one asset for another. During working with wallets, it is important to pay special attention to the secure storage of the private and public keys, as well as the seed phrase. Their theft is tantamount to the loss of assets. To purchase with a card, you will need to provide detailed information about the card itself and the owner. This is required by payment providers such as Simpex, which is used most often.
  5. Cryptomats. This is a great way if you don’t know how to buy crypto, this way access in major cities. The largest number of cryptomats in the world belong to the USA and Europe, however, in the Russian Federation you can find several such devices. With the help of a cryptomat, you can buy cryptocurrency for cash, which ensures maximum anonymity, if this is important.

These 5 options for obtaining cryptocurrency are considered the best of their kind, because they have already helped more than a dozen people. The main thing here is to do everything wisely, think through each step, analyze many moments and still choose the ideal proposed option for yourself.

Is it legal to buy cryptocurrency at all? Buying crypto is not an offense. You can do this whenever you like. True, there are 2 important nuances that must be considered. The first point is the constant declaration of your income if you earn on cryptocurrency. The second point is a ban on accepting crypto assets, if you buy something from you, you cannot advertise a payment method in cryptocurrencies. In general, the very idea of acquiring a cryptocurrency is already an important step towards a future life. People who have a supply of currency in crypto are considered advanced.

Promising cryptocurrencies

There are many factors that determine the potential profitability of cryptocurrencies. In the short term, new currencies and tokens are the most profitable, but when it comes to long-term investments, it is worth considering the most capitalized coins, and it is desirable that they have a technological project and a strong team behind them. Promising crypto assets according to Nasdaq – they are:

  • Ethereum (ETH);
  • Cardano (ADA);
  • DogeCoins (DOGE);
  • Binance Coin (BNB).

Amid strong institutional acceptance, the prices of some coins are skyrocketing to unprecedented levels. Investors are increasingly considering cryptocurrencies as an alternative asset class. The stock markets are in a tough investment climate right now and crypto is helping companies and individuals maximize profits. It also bodes well for the industry that many large companies are starting to work with crypto or accept it as payment (Tesla, PayPal, Square, etc.).

Despite the controversial attitude of the authorities towards the cryptosphere, it is still possible to buy cryptocurrency without any problems. You should choose the appropriate methods; combine them to achieve the greatest convenience and benefit. The choice is wide, which allows you to successfully balance between privacy and regulation, comfort and security, speed and reliability. In terms of commissions, crypto exchanges are considered the most profitable way. If we talk about convenience, wallets and exchangers are in the lead. Cryptomats are the rarest method, but it has an important plus, the possibility of buying for cash. So, now you really know how to buy crypto!