How to Clean up a Personal Computer (PC)

 To use technology, and not cleaning up the gadgets that you are using, it's not fair. When your PC gets dust in it or you feel your PC needs to be cleaned up, then you should go for it. Cleaning up your PC will let your PC work smoothly.

How to Clean up a Personal Computer (PC)

In this article we will discuss about how to clean up your PC after 6 months, a year or when you feel it is needed, by following some simple and easy steps.

How to Clean up a Personal Computer (PC)

Your PC needs to be clean up, according to the place where you are keeping it. As if there is a lot of dust where you have kept your PC, then you need to clean it up more than once in 6 months, and if you are keeping your PC in a complete clean environment, then it is enough to clean up your PC once or twice in a year.

Steps to Clean up PC

Follow the given instructions to clean up your PC by yourself:

  1. First of all, disconnect power for your PC, and remove all the peripherals.
  2. Place your PC in a clean and well ventilated place.
  3. To collect the dust, choose a good vacuum cleaner, don't go with the household vaccum cleaner for your PC.
  4. Now, remove the side panel to access the internal components of your PC by removing the screws.
  5. Blow off the components with the canned air. You can start cleaning from the fan.
  6. While cleaning the fans, to remove more dust blow from both of the directions.
  7. Start from the top, and blow dust off and through the ports from external area.
  8. Use cleaning gel, cloth or cotton swabs to clean up the external peripheral connectors.
  9. If your power supply is located at the top, then now clean up this part carefully by blowing off dust.
  10. For CPU air cooler, locate the air cooler and remove the fans.
  11. From both of the directions, blow off the dust from the fins.
  12. Now, clean up the dust from your CPU fans.
  13. After cleaning the cooler and fans, attach them again to the CPU.
  14. Next, start from the top side and blow off the dust from peripheral cards and motherboard.
  15. Blow off dust carefully from the shrouds and fans of the peripheral cards.
  16. Do the same from top to down for all the peripheral cards.
  17. When you reach the power supply at the bottom, now blow out and clean up the bottom of the case.
  18. Use a vacuum to catch the dust from the individual drive bays.
  19. If you have a filter with your power supply, look for if it is dirty.
  20. If the filter is dirty, bolw it off.
  21. To clean the dust from the power supply air inlet, blow off the internal fan,and use a vacuum or cloth to clean up the dust from outside.
  22. Now, reinstall your power supply fan filter.
  23. Now, plug in all the wires and cables carefully, and make sure you have not missed any plug or wire, or you have not pugged in any wire or cable in the wrong place. 
  24. Replace the side panel of the PC. 

And that's it, you can now start using your PC.


Q: Can we use household vacuum cleaner to clean up the PC?

Ans: No, not at all, using an ordinary household vacuum cleaner to clean up your PC can damage your PC and you won't be able to work on it.

Q: How often should we clean up a PC?

Ans: Twice in a year is best to clean up your PC, however if you are working in such a place where there is a lot of dust, then you have to clean up your PC more often.

Q: How can I clean up my PC by myself?

Ans: You have no need to go to any specialist to clean up your PC, just follow the above instructions to clean up your PC by yourself.

So, this was an elaborative and informative guide for the ones who work on their PCs and want to know about how to clean up a PC when it is needed.

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