Meta Tests AI-Powered Search Bar for Instagram

Meta Tests AI-Powered Search Bar for Instagram

AI (artificial intelligence) that's known as AI chatbots to everyone out there is now taking over all social media platforms and slowly but steadily all the platforms are adapting to this craze with Meta being the fastest of them to introduce AI features in Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Threads.

In Short:

  1. Meta is testing an AI-powered search bar on Instagram.
  2. This allows users to chat with a Meta AI and get personalized content recommendations.
  3. This follows Meta's similar experiment with AI chatbots on WhatsApp.

Today, Meta (the parent company of Instagram) is going all in for generative AI with an experimental AI-powered search functionalities update to the Instagram app for both iOS and Android versions.

A trusted tech news website TechCrunch reported that the social media conglomerate company is testing an AI-powered search bar for Instagram app that offers several functionalities, including but not limited to:

  1. Chat with Meta AI: Users can interact directly with Meta's AI through the search bar in Instagram app, potentially asking questions or receiving creative text formats.
  2. Enhanced Content Discovery: The AI can personalize search results and suggest Instagram Reels content based on user preferences.

This news comes after Meta's similar AI chatbot experiment on WhatsApp, which is currently being tested in India and Africa.

In the rise of AI, this move signifies Meta's commitment to integrating AI across its esteemed platforms. It follows the recent launch of Meta AI on WhatsApp, allowing users to chat with an AI assistant and interact as if they are chatting with a real human being.

While details on the specific generative AI tech used in Instagram's search bar remain unclear as we don't have any official statement on this new feature yet, experts believe it signifies a major shift in how users interact with the platform and perform searches.