Here's How to Bypass AI Detection for Free

AI content writing is no longer a new thing anymore as ChatGPT and hundreds of other AI writers are already being used by bloggers for large publications such as CNET, BBC, and more for writing blog posts and even news articles to ad copies.

Here's How to Bypass AI Detection for Free

However, all of them are facing the same issue of "bypassing AI detection" as bypassing AI detection entirely just by using more AI tools is not possible (at least for now).

AI detection tools such as CopyLeaks, ZeroGPT, Undetectable, and more are constantly evolving and keeping their algorithms updated, and all the methods of writing with the help of AI chatbots that work today might not be effective tomorrow it is becoming harder to bypass AI content detection.

However, I can show you some tips for making your AI-generated content appear more human-written without making you feel any headaches:

Start with Well-Structured Content: Ensure your AI-generated text is grammatically correct, well-organized, and adheres to proper formatting.

Here's How to Bypass AI Detection for Free

Follow these steps and repeat every time you have to write using AI writers:

  1. Break Up Formulaic Writing: AI often produces repetitive sentence structures as AI writing tools are designed that way. You can refix it by trying to vary your sentence length, editing the content, and phrasing to mimic natural language.
  2. Incorporate Idioms and Humor: These are difficult for AI to produce convincingly as AI is not that advanced yet to feel the text being generated or being fed, and including them can add a human touch to your AI generated text making it hard for AI detectors to show it as AI generated.
  3. Fact Check and Cite Sources: AI text may contain factual inconsistencies and there will be many wrong claims that have no value in the real world. You should double-check the information being generated by AI chatbots or AI writers and include proper citations for the credibility of your provided information.
  4. Proofread and Edit: Before you hit publish or submit your final draft, reread your content carefully to identify and fix awkward phrasing, unnatural word choices, or factual errors that might be there.

No matter if you are using Gemini, ChatGPT, or any other great AI model that can generate highly detailed and unique content, all of these AI models are currently detectable for almost every AI content detector so you have to follow my guidelines to make your content entirely able to bypass ai detector from any provider.

Here's another great way around it:

Rewriting Tools:

You can use any free rewriting tool that will paraphrase, edit, or rephrase your text. Some free online rewriting tools can help you rephrase AI-generated content to make it appear more human-written than it is.

However, these tools should be used with caution as they may not always improve the quality of the text and even make it unreadable for general people, and some AI detection tools may still be able to identify the source.

So, before you use a rewriting tool, make sure you are fact-checking the final draft and add proper citations, fix grammatical errors, and clean unreliable tenses to make it more unique, helpful and readable for the end reader.


Focus on Quality, Not Bypassing Detection: It's important to strive for high-quality content that adheres to the requirements of your publishing house or Google's EEAT and content writing best practices so you can create and publish great content that's helpful for the end readers without needing to bypass AI detection.

Consider Alternatives: If AI detection is a major concern for your content, rewriting the content yourself or using human-written sources such as hiring human writers or freelancers to write your articles might be a better option.

Ethical Use:

If you have access to AI writing tools, that doesn't mean you have the grant to submit AI generated content when you are being asked to write it on your own. Here's what you should focus on:

  • Be Transparent: If you're required to submit original work, disclose any use of AI tools.
  • Avoid Plagiarism: AI-generated content should not be presented as entirely as your own work.

Yes, if your employer is asking you to write original content, and you are using AI, you should mention that you used AI to enhance or start writing your final draft, it will make things transparent and help your employer to tackle any issues if they face any in the near future.

Overall, using AI in content writing is not a bad thing, but just copy/pasting AI generated text is not a good way to use AI.