Where to Get Brain Fungus in Fallout 76?

Where to Get Brain Fungus in Fallout 76?

Brain Fungus, that delightfully creepy (and slightly hazardous) glowing fungus, is a valuable resource in Fallout 76 (a 2018 action role-playing video game). While Brain Fungus can give your game character a quick hunger and health boost in a pinch, it's best cooked to avoid nasty side effects that may hurt your character and overall gameplay.

But where do you actually find this thing called Brain Fungus in the game?

Fear not, my fellow wastelander, this guide on how to get Brain Fungus or in other words how to farm Brain Fungus in Fallout 76 will have you swimming in Brain Fungus in no time!

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What is Brain Fungus?

Brain Fungus in the Fallout 76 game is a mutated plant that resembles a brain by its appearance. You can find it throughout the wasteland placed at different areas, but it's most common in caves and dark areas. Eating it raw will restore a small amount of hunger but carries a risk of disease and radiation poisoning in the video game. Cooking the Brain Fungus removes these risks and makes it a safer food source for the player. Brain Fungus is also a valuable ingredient for crafting other consumables in the Fallout 76 game.

Here's how to find it in different Brain Fungus farming locations:

Top Brain Fungs Farming Locations

Check these top 3 fallout 76 brain fungus locations where you can collect it for free:

  1. Gauley Mine (The Forest): A great early-game option! This mine in the Fallout 76 game holds roughly 26 Brain Fungus items, along with other goodies like Bobbleheads and ammo for the players. You should head east of Vault 76, near Slocum's Joe, to find the north or south entrances for picking your Brain Fungus for free.
  2. Kerwood Mine (Cranberry Bog): Prepare for a fight here! This mine is crawling with Mole Miners and giant ticks waiting for you, but the reward is plentiful Brain Fungus. Go and locate it on the Cranberry Bog's northwest side, near the Savage Divide, or east of West Tek Research Center to find hefty amounts of Brain Fungus.
  3. Wendigo Cave (Savage Divide): The king of Brain Fungus is here but for late-game players only! This cave is teeming with Wendigo, Mirelurks, and Feral Ghouls. However, the payoff is massive – you can find over 100 Brain Fungus here. However, you should be properly equipped before venturing in as it may have a hard time for you.

These are currently the top Brain Fungus farming locations where you can farm Brain Fungus or simply collect Brain Fungus for your character.

Bonus Brain Fungus Spots:

These locations of Brain Fungus may not be overflowing, but they're handy for grabbing some fungus on the go:

  1. Big Bend Tunnels (East & West): Roughly 52 Brain Fungus are scattered throughout the rough-dug side tunnels.
  2. Carleton Mine: Around 40 Brain Fungus await your harvest in this area.
  3. Long Tunnel Under State Route 65: Keep an eye out for tunnel openings along the highway between Bog Town and Watoga. You might find 30 or so Brain Fungus right here.
  4. Abandoned Waste Dump: Look around the cave for 28 Brain Fungus, with 5 hanging from the ceiling (Jetpack or Marsupial mutation recommended).
  5. Uncanny Caverns: Explore for 29 Brainy Bois (Brain Fungus) here.

I can't really help but these locations helped me get Brain Fungus easily, so that's why I have mentioned them here for you too.

Brain Fungus Fun Facts:

  • Blast zones mutate Brain Fungus into Enlightened Fungus, which yields Crimson Flux (a delight for players who know it).
  • Keep an eye out in these areas: Cranberry Bog, southern Mire, and the specific locations listed above to find Brain Fungus easily.

Brain Fungus is a vital thing in Fallout 76 and it is a life-saving item for many players. You should just understand that you have to eat it when cooked, so go to a location where Brain Fungus farming is happening and collect it. Eat raw if you are too low at health so it will boost it.


Equip the "Green Thumb" perk for increased harvesting yield of Brain Fungus.

Always keep in mind that cooked Brain Fungus is a much safer and more beneficial option than raw consumption it gives you a health boost but has severe side effects too.

With this guide and a little exploration of the game, you'll be a Brain Fungus baron in no time! Happy hunting, wastelander!