Top Creators to Earn $5,000 for Posting on Threads

Top Creators to Earn $5,000 for Posting on Threads

Meta's got its eye on reviving Threads, its disappearing Twitter-alternative app that's, well, a bit like a forgotten pasty at the back of the fridge at this point as even those influencers who have millions of followers on the app are not posting anything.

In a bid to whip up a frenzy of activity on the Threads app, Meta (Instagram Threads parent company) offers a whack of cash – a cool $5,000 – to influencers and top creators on the platform. All they have to do is whack up some threads or replies that get at least 10,000 reactions.

Now, Threads, which is an Instagram app, lets you share photos, videos, and text that vanish after a while (as nobody really reacts there), much like that Snapchat lark. It was a right corker initially, but these days, it's gathering dust faster than a teapot at a convention for mimes.

So, this influencer scheme (Creator Monetization on Threads) seems to be Meta's cunning plan to lure folks back in to make the app an engaging and active social platform.

Top Creators to Earn $5,000 for Posting on Threads

In the above screenshot, you can read an official statement saying:

“Make a profile and post threads or replies that get 10,000 or more views to earn money.”

The finer details about this monetization strategy for Threads are a bit hush-hush at the moment, but sources suggest it might only be open to a select crew of influencers to start with. And that $5,000 is likely a one-time thing for hitting that 10,000 view mark on any particular Threads post by a popular creator. Whether Meta's planning a long-term way for creators to make a bob or two on Threads remains to be seen and there's no official announcement about this.

Will it Work? Experts Weigh In

Those in the know can't quite agree on whether this plan will be a smasher or a fizzer for the Threads app. Some reckon it'll be a right corker for a short while, with a burst of activity on Threads, but it might not fizzle out proper engagement in the long run and would eventually fail to make any sense for the app.

Folks might be tempted by the cash, but if the content itself isn't tickling their fancy, they'll scarper quicker than you can say "cheese."

Others reckon focusing on influencers is a cunning move for Meta. These folks have the power to nudge users like us to explore new things. If they can whack up cracking content that gets folks chatting and feeling like part of a right good community, then Threads might just become the in-thing again and may even surpass X (formerly Twitter) in number of active users.

The Future of Threads

The fate of Threads likely hinges on this influencer scheme that allows a top creator on the platform to earn up to $5,000 just for posting on Threads.

If it's the right royal success, Meta might well expand the program and whack in some long-term ways for creators to make some dough, sweet dough. We're talking in-app purchases, sponsorship deals with brands, or even reward systems based on how many Threads users see their stuff and how much they interact with it.

But if this scheme goes belly up and neither influencers nor regular folks are fussed, then Threads might fade into obscurity faster than a politician's promise or faster than Google's Orkut or Google+. Meta might have to cobble Threads together with another platform like Facebook or even Whatsapp, or even, dare I say it, shut the whole thing down.

Only time will tell if Meta's influencer scheme of $5,000 just to post on Threads can breathe new life into the platform.

But one thing's for certain: they're giving it a right good old college try to keep Threads from becoming yesterday's news in this cut-throat world of social media jungle where we see 10s of new platforms coming and going every month.