How to Make Money on Threads app? (20 Methods)

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, new platforms like the Threads app by Instagram are emerging to offer users exciting opportunities for content creation, engagement, and even monetization options.

How to Make Money on Threads app? (20 Methods)

Threads, an Instagram app developed by Meta (formerly Facebook), is making its mark as a direct competitor to Twitter and just received 30 million+ users on the first day of its launch by Mark Zuckerberg (becoming the #1 app to reach this record one-day growth).

In this article, I will explore 20 highly working methods to monetize your Threads account, helping you turn your social media presence into a profitable venture even on this so new platform.

How to Make Money on Threads app? (20 Methods)

Without wasting your time, go and read how you can monetize threads account without thinking about its internal monetization options as there's no such option yet in the app, but I have a lot of methods to help you make handsome money on Threads right now:

1. Affiliate Marketing:

The best and first method is Affiliate Marketing, yes affiliate marketing is a powerful way to earn money on Threads as it is #1 for all other apps and sites, it is perfectly working on this new platform. You can partner with brands and businesses to promote their products or services using unique affiliate links or join already working platforms and copy some affiliate links. Craft engaging posts highlighting the benefits of these offerings and affiliate products you have, and earn commissions for every sale made through your shared links on Threads app.

2. Sponsored Posts:

This might work for an influencer account who got a handsome following on Instagram as it gives instant fame on Threads app because all of your Instagram followers will slowly become your Threads account followers as well.

You can collaborate with brands within your Threads account to create sponsored posts for them. Tailor the content to align with your audience's interests and subtly integrate brand messaging into your Threads posts. Sponsored posts can range from product reviews to lifestyle endorsements, providing value to both your followers and further promoting the brands you work with.

3. Selling Merchandise:

It is a new platform, leverage your Threads account to sell your own merchandise as the competition is at 0 levels. Design and create unique products such as clothing, accessories, or digital items that resonate with your audience or something you are already selling to your fans and followers on Instagram and Tiktok. Showcase your merchandise through captivating posts and leverage the platform's features, such as sharing on Instagram stories, to drive sales.

4. Consulting Services:

This could work perfectly for doctors, fitness experts, business coaches, and many others. Just if you possess expertise in a particular field, offer consulting services to individuals or businesses seeking advice. Utilize your Threads account to showcase your knowledge and establish yourself as a thought leader in your particular industry, attracting clients who can benefit from your insights and guidance.

5. Social Media Management:

This has been a popular method to make money with threads app and as well as on any social media platform and it doesn't feel like a 9 to 5 job either. Become a Threads account manager, helping businesses establish and maintain a strong presence on the platform as this can be done by even a school-going teenager.

Offer services such as content creation, scheduling (not possible right now), community engagement, and growth strategies. Position yourself as a valuable partner in amplifying your client's online presence by designing creative posts and engaging with followers.

6. Sponsored Hashtag Campaigns:

Not just Twitter, Threads is also using hashtags as its core feature to talk about something publically. You can create and promote sponsored hashtag campaigns within your Threads account.

Engage with brands to develop creative and impactful campaigns that align with their marketing goals. As your campaigns gain traction, businesses will be keen to collaborate, leading to monetization opportunities for you in the long run.

7. Crowdfunding:

You can also utilize your Threads following to raise awareness and support for a crowdfunding campaign and you can still monetize this by asking followers to support you as well. Passionate creators, entrepreneurs, or charitable causes can leverage the platform's visual appeal and storytelling capabilities to drive contributions from your engaged audience and you can help them do more.

8. Writing Sponsored Content:

Are you a good writer? already showing this on Twitter, Medium, or your own Blog? If yes, you can offer your writing skills to create sponsored blog posts or articles for brands on Threads app and monetize your profile for this. Utilize your Threads account to promote the content, reaching a broader audience and attracting potential sponsors looking for quality written content and buying your storytelling style.

9. Threads Account Creation:

Assist busy individuals or businesses in creating their Threads account and setting it up for success. This might be not a sold-able gig, but there are still people who don't want to spare a minute to create a new account on a new social media network that might take not more than 5 seconds.

10. Selling Shoutouts:

Promote other Threads users or businesses by offering shoutouts within your posts that almost everybody and every brand will love. By highlighting their profiles, products, or services, you can charge a fee for featuring their content to your engaged audience, providing them with increased exposure and you with hefty monetization money.

11. Creating and Selling Threads Templates:

Tap into your creative side and design customized Threads templates using Canva or any other free graphic design app. These can include profile pics, post graphics, or text templates. Package them as digital downloads or offer personalized designs to individuals or businesses looking to enhance their Threads aesthetic and this can be an automatic option for making money on threads app.

12. Threads Analytics Consulting:

Leverage your expertise in Threads analytics (coming soon feature on the app) to offer consulting services to businesses. Analyze their performance metrics, provide insights, and offer strategies to optimize their Threads presence. Help them understand their audience better and make data-driven decisions. You can do it if you know how Twitter and Instagram work as Threads is an Instagram app in cloths of the Twitter app. So think creatively here.

13. Threads Advertising Campaigns:

Become an expert in running Threads advertising campaigns (advertising on Threads is not available yet). Create and manage ad campaigns for businesses, helping them reach their target audience, increase brand exposure, and drive conversions. Utilize the platform's advertising features and audience targeting options to deliver effective campaigns.

14. Writing Blogs on Threads app:

Create your own blog that is specifically about the Threads app and talk about the latest happening about features and other things related to Threads app. Be a unique name for blogging about Threads app and monetize your blog using Display ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and many more options to monetize your blog are available all over the internet.

15. Threads Coaching or Training:

Share your knowledge and expertise in using Threads by offering coaching or training services. Create online courses, tutorials, or personalized coaching sessions to help individuals or businesses navigate Threads effectively, grow their following, and maximize engagement.

16. Creating and Selling Threads-Related eBooks or Guides:

These things sell fast. Write and publish eBooks or guides focused on Threads marketing, strategy, or growth. Provide valuable insights, tips, and techniques to help readers leverage the platform effectively. Promote and sell these resources through your Threads account, targeting individuals or businesses interested in maximizing their Threads presence.

17. Offering Live Coverage Services:

Attend events or conferences relevant to your audience and provide live coverage through your Threads account. Offer real-time updates, behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and insights. Charge a fee for your comprehensive coverage, attracting brands or event organizers looking to expand their reach.

18. Becoming a Threads Brand Ambassador:

If you are a big social media star, an actor, a singer, a cricket star, a big entrepreneur, or simply a public figure you can collaborate with brands as a Threads brand ambassador for the selected brands. Showcase and promote their products or services to your Threads audience. Create engaging content, share authentic experiences, and provide value to your followers while receiving compensation or freebies from the brands you represent on a monthly to yearly basis.

19. Selling Your Threads Account:

Don't want to do the hard stuff? Okay, then if you have built a substantial and engaged following on Threads app, you may consider selling your account.

Businesses or individuals seeking to establish a presence on the all-new platform might be interested in acquiring an established account with a dedicated audience so they can advertise their product and services to a wider audience, and sell them your account.

20. Creating and Selling Threads Analytics or Management Tools:

Who doesn't love some free or even a SAAS product developed especially for a new platform that is still growing?

Develop and sell software or tools specifically designed for managing, analyzing, or optimizing Threads accounts. This could include analytics dashboards, content scheduling platforms, or growth tracking tools.

Offer these solutions to individuals or businesses looking to streamline their Threads management or just create and sell the scripts and saas products.

21. Flipping Domain Names:

A new addition to our list of top 20 ways to make money on Threads app is flipping domain names on this new social media platform.

Yes, if you are a domaines, you may already know how to use other social media networks for sharing your domain catalogues and then listing them for sale. It is the same thing on Threads app too. All you need is just create a domain portfolio or just pick your one domain that you are looking to sale right now and write a short post about the domain regarding the traffic, tld, authority score, backlinks ratio etc and what matters for your buyers to buy from you.

Now post that detailed but short post on Threads app and add relevant tags such as #domainforsale #domainname #sellingmydomain #domainselling and more as you like. 3 to 4 tags will be enough for this.

And keep on visiting this page frequently to check for new methods being updated every week.


Threads, as a competitor to Twitter, presents exciting opportunities for monetization and I don't want you to leave the money on the table.

By utilizing these 20 creative methods, you can leverage your Threads account to generate income and transform your social media presence into a profitable venture.

Choose the strategies from the above list of different methods to earn money on Threads app that aligns with your skills, interests, and audience, and remember to provide value, authenticity, and professionalism throughout your monetization journey on Threads.

Embrace the platform's unique features, engage with your audience, and continuously adapt to emerging trends to maximize your earning potential.

Keep on using Threads for free!