Instagram is working on Clear Mode for Reels

Fed up with finding guides on "How to remove ui while watching reels on Instagram" just to make your view clear on IG Reels?

I have good news for you, yes, you can now move over, cluttered captions!

Instagram is reportedly working on a brand new feature for Reels called "Clear Mode."

Instagram is working on Clear Mode for Reels
Screenshot by @Alex193a on Threads

What is Clear Mode?

Imagine watching Instagram Reels without usernames, captions, or the navigation bar that are cluttering the mobile screen. Instagram's Clear Mode, currently under development by Instagram, promises a distraction-free zone for pure visual enjoyment.

This exciting feature with the new Instagram app update promises to enhance your viewing experience by offering a cleaner, distraction free, and more immersive way to enjoy the short-form video content you love on IG Reels.

While Instagram hasn't officially announced Clear Mode yet from any official source, social media users, tech bloggers, and other tech insiders suggest it's on the horizon and being tested to finally roll out to everyone.

The new feature on Instagram for Reels is expected to allow viewers to temporarily remove on-screen elements of UI like usernames, captions, and the Reels navigation bar with a simple long press on the video.

How to go clear mode on Instagram reels?

Here's how to Access Clear Mode (For Now) as Clear Mode hasn't been officially launched yet. However, some reports suggest a sneaky way to activate it:

  1. Open Any Reel: Find a Reel that piques your interest.
  2. Long Press the Play Button: Instead of a single tap, try a long press on the Reel itself.
If Clear Mode is indeed in the works and being tested by Instagram, this long press might temporarily remove the UI elements, giving you a cleaner view.

To me, this minimalist approach is a game-changer for those who crave a distraction-free viewing experience on the Instagram app for iPhone and even on Android devices.

You can imagine focusing solely on the captivating visuals and creative storytelling within a Reel, without any UI elements stealing the show and making you not feel the real value in the content you are watching.

Think of it like stepping into the director's chair and watching things without any distractions. Instagram Clear Mode puts the content front and center, allowing you to appreciate the creator's vision in all its glory.

While the long-press gesture for activating Clear Mode seems straightforward and easy, it's important to note that this feature is still under development and currently only a few people can test it in the beta update of Instagram. The final implementation might differ slightly, and Instagram may choose a different activation method entirely or even may not release the feature.

One thing's for sure: Instagram Clear Mode has the potential to revolutionize the way we experience Reels. It signifies Meta's (Instagram parent company) commitment to elevating the platform's video content and offering viewers a truly captivating experience with providing an edge over its rival app TikTok.

So, the next time you're scrolling through IG Reels, keep an eye out for the Clear Mode icon (or perhaps a long-press surprise feature!).

This innovative feature is poised to make your Reels viewing experience cleaner, more immersive, and undeniably delightful without any special tricks etc.