Ad Breaks Feature Push Instagram Users to Delete the App

Instagram users are angrily uninstalling the app because of the “ad breaks” feature that makes them sit through ads they cannot skip.

Ad Breaks Feature Push Instagram Users to Delete the App
Image source: Reddit/FireCubX

Yes, Instagram is testing unskippable ads just like we see on YouTube!

This new ad format which is still under trial has received a lot of criticism from IG users.

Many users are complaining of three to five seconds ads that disrupt their scrolling, and many have expressed their anger on Reddit and X (formerly Twitter)​ saying some harsh words like​:

NEW GARBAGE FEATURE IS BEING TESTED - posted by a reddit user


This’ll be the last straw for me when it comes to Instagram. I could stand the plethora of ads sprinkled throughout the entire app already, but unskippable? Gtfo - posted by another redditor

The introduction of ads that cannot be fast-forwarded is seen as aggressive and invasive by Instagram, similar to what YouTube has done.

Meta, which owns Instagram, has also acknowledged the tests, explaining that it is constantly looking for new ways to support advertisers and the final decision of rolling out this new ad format is yet to be made.

However, they have not elaborated on whether this feature will be available for all users or whether it will be a trial.

Users have also complained a lot about the application.

Another user from Reddit was shocked to see such a change and thanked the other user for the confirmation of the existence of these ad breaks and stated that they would be leaving Instagram if these ads continue​​

On X, Dan Levy posted a screenshot of the unskippable ad and said that the move was bonkers and that the app made him watch an ad without the option to skip​.

On X, Dan Levy posted a screenshot of the unskippable ad

The first problem that many users face is interference with the normal use of the Internet.

While in the past, Instagram has smoothly placed ads within feeds and users did not mind, these ad breaks are considered as too much.

The backlash stems from the general public’s growing dissatisfaction with the commercialization of social media platforms and the decline of user experience in favor of advertising profits​.

As the situation unfolds, users go on to share possible workarounds and share their dissatisfaction on social media platforms, which indicates a strong backlash against Meta’s latest advertising plan​ for Instagram app.