Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

There are many ways to do search engine optimization of your blog, but what is illegal and legal ?, many bloggers stop blogging after some months even some years because thy do black hat for SEO of blog thy own as I search on internet doing black hat is not good its totally illegal so first avoid is and do white hat, another question is quickly come to your mind ? yes I know :) the question is What Is Difference in Black hat SEO and White hat SEO ? so for knowing what is difference between these two types of SEO techniques read below.
Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

What Is Black Hat SEO, Why This is Not Good ?

  1. Traffic : First of all doing black hat is not good for your blog, bots will automatically list your blog in black list, so in the beginning you will get very high traffic on your blog but some days/months later maybe your blog's traffic will down 100%.
  2. Types : There are many types of black hat seo like Putting lots of keywords in a single post, putting keywords and transparent it to humans (hidden text), using more keywords in headings and sub headings of a blog post and auto redirecting a page to another page, avoid all these things.
  • We recommend don't use any black hat seo technique, just do unique be unique get unique.
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What Is White Hat SEO, Why This is So Good ?

  1. Traffic : If you do some good things with your blog then thy called white hat, building content is not an easy task and after writing very good posts I know we all want more and more traffic on it via Google search results but getting top spot with white hat SEO techniques is very hard but still this is a best method because in beginning maybe your blog don't get results as you want but in some time you can get good results.
  2. Types : There are lots of tips and tricks for getting most of search engines but with white hat SEO you can get more from search engines, because search engine bots like this method, doing this method is very easy like Creating good content on your blog not good keywords, Don't use hidden text in your blog posts, write your own content don't be a copycat and Don't set automatic redirecting.
  • So do good be good get good. :) as much as you can.

Final Words

If you want top spot on Google search results then read this webmaster guidelines page there you can get more information on White hat SEO and Black hat SEO, if you like this article then share it with your friends, :).