Top 5 Richest Bloggers In The World - 2024

Blogging nowadays is a first-to-choose option for making money online. Some bloggers are doing it very well and some are just rocketing it.

After the launch of some great blogging platforms, blogging has become a well-known and easy way to spread our voice to the world. and making a living from online work.

There are many bloggers who become billionaires from their blogs. From 1998 (Open Diary) to now (Blogger and WordPress) blogging can be achievable and easy content management.

You can become a celebrity doing blogging.
Top 5 Richest Bloggers In The World - 2024
There are many bloggers around the globe who have a great fan base like other musicians and film stars.

Can't believe it? read below and I am damn sure you will get my saying true.

1. Michael Arrington: $500,000 - $800,000 Every Month

Michael Arrington - Techcrunch
He is a mature and great blogger.

He also writes on other blogs including his own a home of technology news. You may be amazed but it's true that Michael's blog TechCrunch gets a daily update with 200 to 400 blog posts.

It means you can get minute-to-minute information about technology.

2. Pete Cashmore: $500,000 - $600,000 Every Month

Pete Cashmore - Mashable
He is a well-known blogger/celebrity on social media and his blog also got too much social points.

With a net worth of up-to $600,000 Pete is on 2nd spot of world's richest bloggers. You might know his blog (sold).
Mashable is a tech and social niche blog with daily updates you can get real news on social media and technology niches.

3. Mario Lavanderia aka Perez Hilton: $300,000 - $450,000 Every Month

Mario Lavanderia aka Perez Hilton
This guy is a hard worker and by doing hard work he got success. is a famous celebrity news, scandals, entertainment, and photography alike niche blog.

You can latest news about any celebrity you want. He is famous for his creative style of blogging.

For more information about Mario Lavanderia you can take a look at his blog (Perezhilton).

4. Vitaly Friedman: $150,000 - $190,000 Every Month

Vitaly Friedman
He is our favorite blogger as Pete.

Because he write most of his blog content on web-design/development. You can get lots of knowledge of web-designing from his blog

He update this blog with news, tips, tutorials and freebies. Back in 2009 he Friedman started his online carrier from Smashing Network.

5. Timothy Sykes: $150,000 - $180,000 Every Month

Timothy Sykes
Sykes is a great stock expert. He has a well-ranked blog

You can get lots of tips on trading/stock marketing. He will teach you the best methods of trading and make you an expert in this field. Sykes is a small starter?

Yes, he started his trading business from pennies and now he is an expert and started teaching newbies.

Final words

So, who's your favorite blogger?!

These guys are really professional and money making bloggers in the world and:
They all are not born rich.
They do hard work.
If we do same, than we can also become money making machines. 
said - Umer Idrisi
Good luck with your dreams and blogs.

Happy Blogging!