4 Steps for Reaching your Target Audience through Social Media

With lots of ways to reach your target market on internet, there's a hype about social media networks and brands are converting their advertising channels to social media rather than spending money on TV commercials where you don't know who is really watching your advert or which type of audience is generating you more sales.

As much as you learn about your targeted audience, you become successful in marketing products and boosting brand awareness, that's a thing social media help you with and giving you the tools to easily know everything about your target audience.
4 Steps for Reaching your Target Audience through Social Media
In this article (assuming that you know your target audience) we I am going to discuss top 4 steps to reach your target audience using social media networks.

So read how you can really do it and save dollars on investing in advertisements and branding strategies:

1. Select a Preferred Network

Most people thinks that social media is all about Facebook and Twitter, and they are wrong all the way. Because there are many other big social networks for many purposes and they are really focused than these two big players.

That's why many companies are not able to get better return on investment and they just end-up on losing their profits. If you want to get a view on how to select a social media network for marketing or reaching to your target audience than read this:
  • Facebook: best social media network to sale fashion related products, digital products and courses and more
  • Twitter: Best for selling your digital assets, getting more readers on your website and making cheap conversions for business calls
  • LinkedIn: The most amazing and #1 social media network with big data and huge professional users base so that you can use it for selling high end products and your services
  • Instagram: Best social media app to sell beauty products and increase brand awareness by creating viral videos and images
Now I think its enough for you to think what social media network is best and suitable for you. However to easily reach your target audience through social media networks you have to test each platform by investing at-least $100 on these 4 top social networks where every type of audience can be reached easily and by investing just $400 you will be able to understand which network your audience is active on and then start using that network for further marketing and reaching your target audience easily.

2. Video Content

Social networking is turning everything in a new direction and now everything is becoming video. Nobody is here who don't watch videos on social media networks when he/she have internet access. Here are some stats:
And over 8 billion daily videos views are happening on a daily basis at Facebook.

That's a massive thing and nobody can deny the truth here. As everybody on YouTube loves to watch explainer videos and on Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users loves to watch entertaining and news related videos.

If you can create high quality video content then don't go for any other marketing strategy, use videos as your marketing strategy by:
  • Showing your logo on videos
  • Making interesting videos
  • Using animations in video ads
  • Provide discounts to people who share your videos
Always keep in mind that your videos shouldn't be longer than 5 minutes. It will engage your audience and let them enjoy your video content. The most amazing thing in finding target audience through video content is make videos related to your product/services/brand and then boost the posts on social media accounts. Now watch who is sharing your videos and target that people as your clients. This can be done by hiring an agency for social media management or do it manually and it will help you further increase your sales without spending on adverts.

3. Spy on Competitors

If you don't want to invest big dollars on advertising or understanding where your preferred audience really is then you can simply create a list of your competitors and then spy on them.

How to spy? read:
  • Create a page on Facebook and then add your competitor's pages in Pages to Watch in you page admin panel it will provide you real time insights about how your competitors are getting that results or how active they are
  • Go to your Twitter profile and add your competitors to a private list of twitter users and keep an eye on their updates in a simple format for knowing what type of content they post and how people engage with them
For now, these are the two biggest social media networks and whole internet users are using one of them on a daily basis. So that you can easily reach your targeted audience on these networks without spending a cent on advertisements and social media testing tools.

4. Social Media Marketing Expert

Can't do above things? or tried and failed? if anyhow you don't want to use above tactics then you can hire a social media marketing expert and give your luck in his hands.

No doubts that some social media managers can do wonders for some businesses, but there are some social media management experts who just take your money and what they do is just posting random updates on your social media profiles and telling that your brand will survive. In the end nothing happens.

So, hire a social media marketer on contract basis. How to sign a contract? read:
  • Talk with the expert and tell that you need to reach your target audience
  • Ask him/her to evaluate your business and social profiles and gain information about your audience
  • After reviewing his/her report (if that's up to your marks) then hire and talk about a contract
Now tell that expert that you want to get return on investment at any cost and for this you will hire that person only if he/she can provide conversions.

Now the expert will run a test on your profiles and if you receive conversions he/she will then ask for per month order. Now you can give a one month contract and tell that you will pay half before the work and half payment after the work.

This way you will be at safe-side and your hired social media expert will also trust you as a professional person.

For now that's all on how you can reach your target audience on social media networks and drive more sales, more web traffic and more boost in branding. Stay with us for getting more updates about digital marketing and marketing tips for free.