How To Promote A Food Truck Business

How To Promote A Food Truck Business

A food truck is the best small business for almost every individual who wants to earn money in the first turn and probably you are one of them.

In a recent article, we have discussed how you can start a food truck business and now we are going to tell you the exact 10 steps which you can follow to promote your food truck/cart business and grow your sales rapidly.

With these best ways to promote your food truck, you will learn how the internet is helping thousands of small businesses and why you should use it to grow your own business. With a food truck marketing strategy or knowing how to market food business, you can easily grow sales and convert your small business into a smart business then make it a brand.

So, assuming that you have started a food truck business, here I have top 10 ways on how you can promote it and grow your sales:

1. Increase Your Contacts

Connecting with like-minded people will help you grow your food truck business in a limited time and that is one of the easiest ways to get more opportunities for growing your sales.

For making it a lot more easier, you can ask your local chamber of commerce or any convention center to give you the list of related people and organizations or event planners so that you can connect with them and tell about your food truck business and offer your business to them.

This could take your manual efforts and some time too, but it worth your time spending and can give you the fruitful results.

2. Attend Local Events

Don't just call those organizations or event planners, you should connect with them for their upcoming events and even if they are not offering you any business deal, you should insist to be a part of their event even as an event attendee.

This will help you gain an emotional connection with them and it will increase your chances of getting business deal for their next events and that's how actually many food truck owners are reaching their goals.

3. Have Employees At Your Side

No, I am not talking about hiring new employees for your food truck business promotions, instead, you should have employees of other businesses at your side.

How? just go to your nearest businesses and talk with their employees, tell them about your food cart or food truck business and ask them if they are going to recommend your business to their bosses, you will be glad to give them free food at the particular events.

That may be a trick, but it works in most cases and people really love eating free food at their favorite events.

4. Ask HR Departments

Most of the times, companies ask HR managers (human resource management) to take hold on their corporate events and surprise parties which they announce for completion of a project or something else and it can be a new year party too.

Whatever the theme of event or party, you should ask HR Departments of your nearest and local companies to call you for any kind of food-related help, you can ask them to tell you about their upcoming events so that you can fix dates and give them what they are looking for while growing your business in a corporate world.

5. Be Frank And Comfortable

You should not make others uncomfortable, leave if the next person is not listening to you or ignoring your words. It's the best option to don't waste your time and leave the person to think about your business.

Instead, you should make friends and that's all about how you can promote a food truck business in an easy way. You should make your clients and customers be friends to you but only if they want to be.

6. Ask For Feedback

Surveying your customers and event planners will help you improve your services and food too, its the best way available to maintain excellence in your services, so do it.

There are some common ways to do it, you can ask them to rate your services on your Facebook page, on a notebook of your customer feedback or you can directly go to the customers after they finish their meal and ask them whether they have any complaint or they are satisfied with the service.

7. Bring Customers To Your Truck

How? probably the only question that comes to your mind whenever a person tells that you should have more customers at your food truck and you should do it without spending extra bucks.

So? the only way to do it with existing employees and existing resources is giving a flat discount and asking one or two of your employees to go out of the truck and stand at roadsides, at the stage or chairs in an events then tell them to ask people about what they want to eat, tell them to bring more customers to the food truck by announcing discounts and speaking loud about your food truck name and food names with prices too.

8. Make Your Brand

As we already said that you should create a brand of your food truck business in our recent article, now we are asking you to work on it and make your brand in real time.

The best ways to do are telling about your food truck business to local vendors, markets, organizations, schools, gyms and sports grounds too. So do everything that you can to bring your brand in the eyes of your local community.

9. Always Be Happy

People don't want to see a person who is serving food with an angry face, you should smile all the time when you are on a food truck and serving people.

This is what your brand should represent all of your employees should follow this to maintain the excellence of your services that customers will ask about in every next event.

10. Invest In Advertising

Now as you are generating revenue, you have contacts, you have clients and you are ready with your brand of food truck business, you should invest some money in the advertisement to promote your food truck business in an advanced way.

The best options to advertise a food truck are something like giving coupons and menu cards to the local community, putting flyers on vehicles and walls and also by advertising on social media networks by targeting your local community.

How much can you make from food truck?

With a mobile food business, you can make as much as you want. As having a van that can run to events and take food for hungry people, is the best option for making $20,000 to $150,000 per month. Yes, many food truck owners are generating that much with a 24/7 service option.

How can I promote my food business?

Promoting a food truck business is the second step after starting it and you can start promoting your food truck business by social media, local billboard advertising and as well as local FM ads. You can also hand out flyers and give coupons for growing sales.

How do you succeed with a food truck?

With some promotional ideas, best food deals, organic and clean food truck/cart, you can succeed with your food truck by consistently improving it with more food, more luxury, and more automation and have an insurance plan for must.

How do you attract customers to your food stall?

Offer exclusive discounts, give a receipt with the branding of your business and contact details, give coupons and be nice to your customer at every second of service. Always do your best to improve the customer experience at your food trucks.

Why do food trucks fail?

In most cases, food trucks fail due to high expenses and low sales. There are other reasons as well as bad customer experience, low knowledge of promotions and unhealthy food delivery.

Do food trucks make good money?

Yes, food trucks make good money as many food truck/cart owners who have chains of this business in different cities are making more than $100,000 per month.

Is a food truck a good investment?

Of course, it is, all you have to invest is about $15,000 to $100K and that can be returned with a solid business plan or you can rent your food truck to any other small business or even an international business for making monthly profits without any extra workload.

So, what do you think about this fool-proof guide on 10 ways to promote your food truck business and grow your sales by getting answers to frequently asked questions?

If you have anything to say then comment below and I will answer your questions in more details. Thanks for the read!