Top 10 Free Business Name Generators

Finding a catchy business might be a tough task for you, it could eat your resources and stuck you into finding a name rather than finding problems and then making products as solutions to those problems that make a real business. To avoid you from being stuck at name generating, we have put together a list of top 10 tools to find the best business name idea.
Top 10 Free Business Name Generators
These tools will help you generate business name suggestions for free and then you can add some filters and be more creative to brainstorm some of the trendy and brandable business names that you can then list down and later decide the final name for your business. So, after getting suggestions from your family, friends, and co-workers, here are the best of the internet with free business name generators that could do the wonders for you:


A tool that can be your buddy to find a name for your company, product, website, app, or small business. This is a pure, fast and clean business name generator tool online that brings you ideas from your inputs and help you find the availability of your business name via Godaddy domain name registrar. You can type any word or keyword and hit the Generate button to find awesome business names instantly.


As the tool's path suggests, this is a free online business name generator that works the same as the above-mentioned tool. You just have to enter a keyword and hit the generate names button, it will show you many relative ideas and catchy business and company names, all without any registration-process or fee. You can use this tool as:
  • Company name generator
  • App name generator
  • Website name generator


This is the best ever tool made for finding great and relative domain name ideas. It could be used to find Common, Short, New and Mix business name generator that mixes words from prefixes to suffixes and generate new words from misspellings and phonetic variations.


No other business name generator gives you insights about their data of names but Wordlab. With over 7,223,742 potential names that you can search using their simple name generator tool, this makes sense with a community that could help you to further research and brainstorm a business name idea. This is a really helpful tool.


Not just a name station, it is really a big platform giving you live available domain name suggestions and helping you to type any keyword and get name suggestions for free or you can simply hold a name contest to get more value for your business name research work. Tweaking words, making use of suffixes and finding available dictionary domain names is easier with this business name generator tool. You can use it for free and without registration.


Pick a name list for beginnings and then pick a name list of endings, that's it. Hit the combine button and you will see a list of awesome business name ideas. You can perform domain name checking on the same page and they also offer an iOS app for generating business names.


If you are looking to find a best TLD or a creative business name generator that can help you generate business name ideas with your motto or slogan (yes, it can generate names from your motto or tagline) then this is the tool made for you. You just have to describe your business in 5 words and hit the search button, it will then suggest you awesome and catchy business names.


Many startups and companies are digging deeper to provide value to small businesses and Shopify is one of them, they are offering a free business name generator tool that simply helps you to find a business name or generate a few suggestions to help you easily brainstorm your online shop name or small business name idea. You can also use it as a free company name generator.


Well, every business (small or large) wants to be a brand (a big name company) and that success comes from a really catchy business name too. Yes, your business name should be memorable and easy to spell, it should be catchy and attractive for achieving a successful growth line. So, this free brand name generator could help you generate a brandable business name for free.


Everybody says it, last but not least, and we are proving that line. This business name generator that we are suggesting at the 10th spot of our top 10 free business name generators list, it is the simple and really impressive tool to generate a few unique and creative business names that you may not find elsewhere. So try it too.

Now a question may be still in mind, and we have answered it in our previous blog post how to name a business give it a read and you will easily pick your business name without any hassle.