Why a Standing Desk May Help You Live a Long and Happy Life

Why a Standing Desk May Help You Live a Long and Happy Life
Desks come in various shapes and sizes these days. When choosing which one to get for your office or home, consider factors such as the size of the area, design motif of the room, specific work needs, and available budget. If your goal is to stay in the pink of health, consider opting for a standing desk that is getting lots of attention nowadays.

As the name suggests, standing desks are desks that require you to stand while you are using it. This is why it has all kinds of health perks.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, such as sitting behind your desk for hours on end, may increase your risk of developing various health-related problems. Some of them can be quite serious, too. Obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and heart disease are just a few examples. To keep them at bay, lead a more active lifestyle.

Something as simple as standing more often allows you to put an end to leading a sedentary lifestyle. Whether you are working at the office or in your home, using a standing desk lets you get your dose of sufficient amounts of physical activity. Standing is an excellent form of exercise that you can do.

Here are the reasons why a standing desk may allow you to have a long and happy life:

Lowered Blood Pressure

Standing more often is very good for fending off high blood pressure. You don't want your blood pressure reading high all the time. That's because it is one of the risk factors for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide.

Other than being more physically active, it is also a good idea to have a heart-friendly diet to prevent high blood pressure from happening.

Reduced Osteoporosis Risk

Being on your feet more often allows for the proper mineralization of the bones. This is why standing is perfect for keeping at bay osteoporosis, which is the softening of the bones.

These days, aside from standing desks, there are also treadmill desks. Also known as walking desks, they are compatible with standard treadmills. The use of a treadmill desk allows you to take 10,000 steps a day, which is great for battling osteoporosis.

Decreased Blood Sugar

One of the scariest complications of leading a sedentary lifestyle is an increase in the levels of sugar in the bloodstream. This is true if being inactive comes with unhealthy eating.

Having high blood sugar is a risk factor for diabetes. An incurable disease, diabetes comes with many complications. Some of them include nerve damage, amputation of the limbs, and heart disease.

Lifted Mood

Getting enough physical activity is good for lowering anxiety and depression. That's because it helps increase happy hormones in the brain. Happy hormones also help reduce the unfavourable effects of excessive stress on the mind and body.

However, seeing a therapist or psychiatrist is a good idea if anxiety or depression is already keeping a person from having a normal and meaningful life.

Just Before You Go

Once you have chosen one from a variety of standing desks available these days, make sure that you adjust it according to your height. Failure to do so can cause neck and lower back pain, thus keeping you from having a productive day.