Boris Johnson and Fiancee Announce Birth of Baby Boy

Boris Johnson and Fiancee Announce Birth of Baby Boy
A son has been born to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The son was born in a London hospital.

Boris Johnson's fiance Carrie Symonds gave birth to a healthy baby at a London hospital this morning, according to a spokesman for the prime minister.

Both maternal and child health is excellent. The baby's mother, Carrie Symonds, was diagnosed with corona last month, but she recovered from corona three weeks ago and was discharged from the hospital.

David Cameron Congrats:

Doctors say it is unlikely that the mother will pass on the coronavirus to the baby.

The amazing thing that "Boris Johnson has become only the 4th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the past 170 years to have a child born during their premiership years."

It is believed that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently resumed his responsibilities after defeating the Coronavirus.