How to Make Money on Twitter - 7 Working Methods for 2024 X screenshot

Everybody asks how to make money tweeting and has a mindset that making on X is far from possible.

However, there are people who are happy with what they are earning using X profiles as they are influencers, they are bloggers, they are a public figure and they are celebrities with a big fan following. The thing we are here is to help you make money even with low X followers and after reading this guide, you will be able to monetize your X profile and start receiving some dollars.

Businesses use X to advertise their product and services to the targeted audience and they often ask influencers or relative X users to Tweet about them and they actually pay them. With over 145 daily monetizable active user base, X is the 2nd biggest social media network and your platform to start making money online.

How to Make Money on X 2024?

Or in other words how to get paid on X? As you know, businesses use X to advertise their product and services to the targeted audience and they often ask influencers or relative X users to Tweet about them and they actually pay them. With over 145 daily monetizable active user base, X is the 2nd biggest social media network and your platform to start making money online.

Here's how you can use X to make money online stay at home and during your spare time (part-time jobs):

1. X In-Stream Video Ads

You may never hear about in-stream video ads for X and it may sound new to you but, this is the great feature that is available to publishers (video content makers) on X who upload their own video content. X allows those users to enable video ads and earn revenue directly with X's own advertising network.

This is the same thing as you do on YouTube with Adsense in-stream ads. Even if you are already publishing on YouTube and making money there, you can start uploading that content on X and apply for monetization. That's the greatest opportunity for now.

X Media Studio is the platform you can use to monetize your video content and all you have to take care of is your videos should be brand-safe (no nudity or other illegal activities in videos). With two options first as In-Stream Video Ads and second as In-Stream Sponsorship Ads, you can make huge money and enjoy X's great media management tools.

2. Sponsored Tweets

Just like sponsored posts for blogs and sponsored content for Instagram and Facebook, you can post sponsored tweets and earn real money using X. Yes, this is possible and people are earning with this method.

There's a dedicated platform called SponsoredTweets that connects influencers with advertisers (X users with Brands) to make an impact and help X users to make money tweeting about brands.

You can get Paid Per Tweet from $1 to $10,000 or even more depending on your follower's count and niche/industry statistics and audience reactions as brands want more exposure, not just some tweets.

3. Sell Own Products

Selling or promoting your own products on social media platforms is a norm now, everybody does this but, on X, we have to change our strategies for getting real sales not just some eyeballs without real conversions.
First of all, you have to understand your products and then research what type of audience is interested in your products. To make money on X by selling your products, you should tweet with relative hashtags and reply to the questions asked with that relative hashtags in tweets.

In your X profile description, put some discount codes or links and tweet about your current offers and sales, let people know that you are offering exclusive discounts for customers from your X profile, it will help you boost engagement on X and help you get more sales overnight and day.

4. Affiliate Marketing

X is not just another social media platform, there are thousands of shoppers for every industry on X and they are looking for the best products, they actually give respect to tweets recommending some relative products.

Affiliate marketing can help you leverage that opportunity by recommending some products and earn commissions for every sell you generate. Some of the bloggers call it the best way of monetizing a X profile. There are services like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, ShareASale and more and all you have to do is:
  1. Join an affiliate network
  2. Pick your products and generate links
  3. Tweet that links using your X profile
  4. Send replies to Tweets with that affiliate links
  5. Generate sales and earn commissions
That's simply the easiest way of making money without making your own product or paying for anything, you can make thousands of dollars with this method, you can make several accounts (niche-based) and do the game.

5. Grab Emails

By grabbing emails, we are not saying that you should scrape emails from X with software or tool, we are saying that you should do the smart work and 100% legal work that will bring real leads to your emails.

Just pick a relative product that can be an eBook or any other Digital Product in a specific industry (make sure you have the rights for giving it free) and then start tweeting about that product with a link to the form where people can submit their emails and download the main product.

You can create a landing page and talk about the value of that product in dollars, tell people why they should give their email and download the product and you can create an opt-in form with an email verification option to grab actual emails of active X users.

This is about email marketing after you receive 100 or more emails, you can start sending affiliate product emails or your next product sales emails that can help you get more sales or affiliate commissions. You can grab real leads with that emails and also can sell the emails (but you should consider mentioning this on your landing page as users might be cautious about their privacy).

Building an email list is one of the best ways to generate more sales for your business. With email marketing, you can message your subscribers directly to share company news or your latest blog posts, announce new products, promote flash sales, and more.

6. Traffic for Your Blog

X is a great medium for getting some web traffic and bring new blog readers to your blog, you can share your blog posts in tweets and send replies to other relative tweets with links to your blog posts.

Many bloggers are getting thousands of people on their blogs on a daily basis using this method, they post new blog posts and then start tweeting about that with relative hashtags and send replies to other relative tweet which they search with similar hashtags.

I also do it and there are tools like Missinglettr and Hootsuite to automate your Tweets and send them whenever you want that help you tweet even when you are sleeping and not using the internet.

7. Social Media Management

There are thousands of freelancers who are making huge money with social media management gigs and they are managing social media profiles and pages of celebrities, business persons and companies too.

You can use X to find such opportunities with hashtags like #socialmediajobs #socialmediamanagement #socialmediamanger and more. You can offer your X management services and charge brands, startups, businesses, people and services on a day-to-day or weekly and monthly payment terms.

By offering social media management services, you can earn $5 to $5,000 and even more per month.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on X?

There is not an accurate study for this question but a X account with not lower than 500 followers may have the potential to get paid per tweet (the amount per tweet will be very low) and a X account which is tweeting about a selected industry and have more than 10K followers with good engagement can bring a few hundred dollars every month.

How Much Do X Accounts Make?

It all depends on how much followers you have on a X account and the important thing is how many impressions you received for your recent tweets. That's a sign of getting paid in huge numbers by brands and services. You can get paid from $500 to $2,000 or more with an account having 100K+ followers and 500K+ tweet impressions.

So, this is all about how to make money X and always be free without having to sit in an office or working endless hours every day.