How the Biggest Tech Companies Make Their Money?

People often search for things like how much a particular company like Apple and Google is earning per year and then how they actually earn those billions of dollars every year.

Well, these tech giants (which made their founders the richest people of the world) are generating revenue with really simple and effective methods.

Their revenue streams are not made for people to feel that they are paying huge, mostly the services they are offering are free and people think the same way as they created their systems to act. We collected some data from an infographic shared by that shows how some of the tech giants are making their money and how much they make (their net-income) too:

How top 5 tech giants make their billions - infograhic
Sounds interesting?

According to this infographic and our analysis, today's strongest tech giants are Amazon and Microsoft as they don't rely on Advertising-revenue, they are actually solving hundreds of issues and providing people with actual solutions with products and services that are the long-term need of all humans.

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