How Salons & Spas Can Use Loyalty Cards To Increase Customers

How Salons & Spas Can Use Loyalty Cards To Increase Customers
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Salons & Spas are in demand for customers who always want to look good and feel good about their appearance. Do you want to grow your salon and spa business? This post can guide you. Your customers have a significant role in the sales of your business. With that, you must develop an effective strategy to make more loyal customers achieve the goals of your salon and spa business.       

One way to increase your customers is using loyalty cards. With this method, you can convince your clients to keep coming back to your business. You can reward your loyal customers with the benefits of your salon loyalty program. 

Types of Salon Loyalty Programs

The following are some salon loyalty programs you can use to increase the profits of your business. 

Points-Based Spa Loyalty Program  

This salon loyalty program is sophisticated. As your customers make a purchase or avail of any service in your salon, they can earn some points. If they reach the total points you set, you can provide them with exciting rewards. Then, they will start over at zero points. 

Punch Card Spa Loyalty Program 

This type of spa loyalty program can be the easiest method to run your salon deals. You can provide your customers with a card; then, for every purchase, they can punch the cards. If the punches were all filled, they could use the card in exchange for a reward.     

Subscription Membership Program 

You can also try a monthly subscription membership program. You can charge a monthly rate for discounted services and products. With this program, you can reward your loyal customers while gaining a predictable inflow of money. Rimba Sweat, the ultimate infrared sauna experience in Sydney offers its customers a subscription membership program.

Tiered Points-Based Reward Program 

The tiered or VIP points-based reward program is more complex. For example, you can make three levels for the program like Diamond, Ruby, and Pearl. The first tier, which is Pearl, your clients must spend $75 monthly in the salon to avail themselves. If they can reach $750, you can provide them with a reward. You can choose the type of reward, for example, a free haircut and a coloring service. The Ruby level begins at $150 monthly, and the Diamond may begin at $300 monthly and more. 

If you plan to choose the format of a loyalty program for your salon and spa, you can gain ideas from the top hair and nail salon loyalty programs below. With these hair and Nail Salon Loyalty Programs, you can have a higher chance of getting more loyal customers for your business.

Top Loyalty Programs from Famous Salon Businesses 

Blo Blow Dry Bar 

The Blo Blow Dry Bar started to offer its services in 2007. Currently, it already have more than 130 locations in the Philippines, Canada, and the US. Some areas also provide spa services. 

The company’s customer retention plan is Mane Squeeze Rewards Program. It can work as a subscription every month. If you can pay the membership fee within 30 days, you can get discounted services and products. Depending on the location, Blo Blow Dry Bar bills about $70 to $85 monthly for the Mane Squeeze membership. 

Massage Green Spa Loyalty Program 

The Massage Green International provides facial, massage, and other services in different states in the US. Its loyalty customer retention system is based on points that enable you to get the point each dollar spent for infrared sauna sessions, free aromatherapy, massages, and facials. You can earn double points if you buy MiHigh infrared sauna blanket products. You can get 500 points if you refer a person to be a member. 

Aveda Salon Pure Privilege 

Aveda was established in 1978 by Horst Rechelbacher. Their customer retention program is Pure Privilege. You can join with a $10 registration fee. As a member, you can gain free shipping on all of your orders in Aveda. You can also get ten loyalty points for each dollar you spend. 

Fantastic Sam’s Rewards Program

Fantastic Sam is one of the biggest national hair salon companies that have 1000 franchisees. It has an online rewards program. You can sign up for bonuses and get Fantastic Point for every dollar you spend. If you reach 200 points, you can get a $10 certificate you can use in any FS branch. They also provide bonus points and referral program that is beneficial for them in gaining new customers. 

Massage Envy Spa Loyalty Program

This wellness company already has over 1 million members. It provides skincare and massage services. If you’re a member of their loyalty program, you can qualify for discounts on their products. You can receive a 1-hour massage, full service facial every 30 days, or full body stretch session for a monthly fee. 

SEVA Beauty Spa Loyalty Program

The SEVA Beauty Salons provide hairstyling and other spa services, including eyelash extensions, waxing, and facials. The loyalty program is a point system wherein you can get points every visit. If you reach a specific amount, you can redeem for service and product discounts at the salon.         

Square Color Salon and Spa

The Square Color Salon and Spa is based in Las Vegas. The salon was recognized on Elle magazine’s yearly top 100 salons list several times. They have a retail rewards program and First Friday. On First Friday, they reward their clients with a 20% discount on products and other spa services. They also provide live music and free cocktails. In their loyalty program, you can gain a 10% discount on your purchase for every hundred dollars you spend on their services. The good thing is that the one-point-per-dollar system has no expiration. 

There we go, so that is the list of top salon loyalty programs that can offer you tips to make the best of your customer loyalty program.           


To sum it up, implementing loyalty programs can increase the customers for your salon products and services. It can assist you in retaining loyal customers and acquiring new ones. With these loyalty programs, you can establish good relationships with your customers. Additionally, you can also gain their trust by satisfying their needs and wants. Are you ready to boost the profits of your salon and spa business? What are your waiting for? Implement your customer loyalty programs now!