20 Businesses to Start with Little or No Money

20 Businesses to Start with Little or No Money

I want to start a business but have no ideas, and the butter on milk is that I don't have any money to invest too.

This is what most of the students and many job holders are thinking right now as the pandemic and high inflation are killing businesses around the globe, it is a sign of high unemployment so most of the youngsters and low-wagers are looking forward to starting a business with low budget or almost no cash. To help my peers, I am here to share some businesses that require no employees (no staff), no startup cost (no capital/money), just nothing but your time and commitment. Let's get started:

1. Virtual Assistant

Are you good at managing people?

If your answer is yes, you are good to leave this article and start this job today. Right now Amazon VAs are earning more than Amazon shop owners. Yes, it is true, people are paying their virtual assistants to handle all the work and they are paying them hefty amounts (per hour and per job-based earnings). You can go to freelancing sites and online groups to find VA jobs.

What is a VA?

A virtual assistant offers administrative support services such as scheduling appointments, organizing mail, booking travel, handling daily tasks, editing documents, proofreading emails, researching products, etc.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing (content writing) is becoming the latest trend among people who want to have multiple sources of income. Many companies are now offering freelance opportunities to copywriters, blog post writers, product description writers, ebook writers and there are many other categories in freelance writing.

If you are good at writing articles, product descriptions, blogs, press releases, etc, you can do this work online without any cost. Many freelancing sites like Upwork, Guru, Fiverr, and Freelancer allow you to find clients and bid on projects. Once you complete a project, you get paid via PayPal or Payoneer.

3. Pet Supplies

Pet supplies are a great way to get started in the offline business world that requires almost zero investment. There are many different types of pet supplies that can be sold online and requires no money to invest.

You can sell handmade toys, food, beds, collars, leashes, carriers, etc. If you have experience with any of these products then this would make your job easier and you will start earning money in little time using sites like Etsy and more.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you are good at making people buy things, and if you can review products as a professional, you are good to take part in this game and earn a hefty amount with no budget.

According to me, affiliate marketing is another great way to make money online. If someone else has already created a website that sells a product or service, then you can become an affiliate for them and earn a commission without having any investment or simply use a platform like CJ Affiliates, Amazon Associates, and other affiliate networks.

5. Home Improvement

If you like working with wood or have some handyman skills, then starting a home improvement company could be a good side hustle that requires some budget. This can be done from anywhere at any time. You can work days, nights, weekends, or even while you sleep!

If you want to do it without a budget or you have a low budget for this side hustle, you can start it by opening a YouTube channel and posting videos of what you can make using wood or how you can improve a home without spending much (people really love to watch such videos).

6. App development 

Everybody is using a smartphone, they want more and more apps, and they want to enjoy their days and nights.

If you want to build your own app but don't know how? This is a good skill to pick up since the market for mobile apps is continuing to grow. Plus, developers can charge any amount they want if they set their price right. So you can earn money as a developer or just post your apps on Play Store and App Store and start earning money with in-app ads.

7. Dog Walking

Dog walking is a service where people pay someone else to walk their dog instead of themselves and that's really a cool job.

Some people may feel embarrassed to ask others to watch their dogs while they go out for lunch, but if you do it regularly enough, you can turn it into a steady source of income.

8. eCommerce

If you don't already know:

An e-commerce store can be used to sell products or services over the internet. Your products can range anywhere from clothes to electronics to books to furniture.

That's how you are buying things online and leaving reviews for your favorite products, you can start one by using Shopify or other WordPress with very little investment.

9. Transcription Services

Transcription services not only help individuals who want to get into the transcription industry but also offer a side income opportunity for others who may have the ability to transcribe audio files.

Most online transcription companies pay per recording, so if you're good at typing fast (of course listening fast too), this might be a good way to make some money without investing much capital.

10. Other Home Based Businesses

When we say work-from-home, we talk about home based business and jobs that can be done from anywhere at any time.

You don't need special skills or training and you are your own boss.

Many people choose home-based businesses because they are flexible and allow them to spend more time with their families and friends.

If you enjoy working independently, then starting a home-based business could be perfect for you. Here are some of the best home-based businesses you can start:

  1. Sell Skill-based Courses.
  2. Create a home-based software house.
  3. Sell handmade products.
  4. Purchase products in bulk and sell them online.
  5. Start a dropshipping business.
  6. Try Social media management.
  7. Sell custom products.
  8. Start a print-on-demand business.
  9. Purchase an existing e-commerce business.
  10. Start a subscription box business.
  11. Teach online classes.
  12. Sell on marketplaces.
  13. Create a SaaS product.
  14. Sell digital products.
  15. Monetize an audience (blogs or videos).
  16. Start a service-based business.
  17. Sell Academics courses.
  18. Bookkeeping and accounting.
  19. Start a Consulting business.
  20. Do Graphic design.
  21. Sell your creative work.
  22. Sell IT Support online.

So, these are my suggestions on business ideas that one can start with little or no money.

Let me know what you think about these business ideas.