Android 12L is now available for these Samsung devices

Whenever we see a new version of Android, it looks beautiful in Samsung devices more than any other device in the market.

Now, Samsung is making its customers happy by releasing the latest Android 12L update on a number of devices which excites users and allows them to interact with their dev

Android 12L is now available for these Samsung devices

ices in more meaningful ways.

Here’s a list of devices from Samsung that are getting the Android 12L update now:

  • Galaxy Z Fold4
  • Galaxy Tab S8
  • Galaxy Tab S8+
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

This means Samsung is more focused on the tab series for this OneUI 4.11 update that is based on Android 12L (the latest android version).

With a security patch for August 2022, this new update is currently available only for two regions Europe and South Korea and reportedly, this will be released to the other areas of the world in the coming weeks.

Users are recording their screens and sharing the multi-tasking enhancements in this update that gives goosebumps when being used on Galaxy Z Fold4.

Here’s a list of the latest features:

  1. A new taskbar for Galaxy Tab S8 (based on Fold 4)
  2. Now users can pin pairs of frequently used apps
  3. Two fingers split screen view switching option
  4. Improved search functionality for My Files app
  5. More accurate OCR text scanning with translation
  6. Users can add different called backgrounds for different contacts
  7. A few enhancements for Keyboard, Samsung Internet, Wallpaper, and other apps

And there are a few other updates that are not visible in the update and are minor to a point that doesn't make it news worthy story.