10 Online Class Setup Equipment Must Have in 2023

Is the online or virtual class a revolutionary alternative to the traditional way of learning? Because of the pandemic situation, the education department has decided to start distance learning. And since then, many teachers have started to offer online classes for easy accessibility.

10 Online Class Setup Equipment Must Have in 2023

Online classes are a form of distance learning that virtually takes place over the internet. It is also known as digital learning or e-learning. So, if you plan to provide online classes to your students, this article will guide you regarding the setup equipment you must acquire.   

10 Must have Equipment for Online Class Setup:

1. Laptop or Computer:

It is one of the basic requirements for conducting online classes. The computer should be fast enough whether you are using Windows or iOS. So you don’t encounter any disturbance during your online sessions.

Though you can use a tablet, iPad, or smartphone, a laptop or computer will serve your purpose better. Hence, choose a computer with 8 GB or higher ram and at least 250 GB hard drive to avoid trouble.

2. A Stable Internet Connection:

The following absolute must for online classes is a stable internet connection. Poor internet may disrupt video calls, or your students may not be able to hear you. Such disruption may affect their concentration level, and they may lose motivation to study.

A fiber optic internet connection is the best option to continue online classes without hazards. Good video connectivity needs at least a 5 MBPS data transfer rate, which is stable in the fiber optic network.  

3. A Suitable Class Background:

Professional background is always appreciable for online or virtual classes. You can select a decent background wall with some class details to do my online class. Details like the name of your online channel can be mentioned in the background.

For primary school students, you can choose a background with ABC or colorful animals. You may choose a world map or some abstract designs for higher classes. Also, you may put a whiteboard in the background. And you can use it to discuss your subject in detail, so the students can quickly adapt to your lessons.

4. Webcam:

You must purchase a webcam for online classes if you use a computer system without a built-in camera. Laptops usually come with a built-in webcam, but you need to ensure it is HD quality.

Ensure that the students can see you clearly, especially if you are using a whiteboard. If the students can’t see the screen clearly, they may lose their attention, and your effort will go in vain.

5. Microphone:

The next thing you require for the online class is a microphone to speak or communicate with your students. For effective communication, you need to ensure that you are using a good-quality microphone.

It’s better to use a proper mic for conducting your classes. Alternatively, you may use a good headset with a built-in mic. During your online classes, you need to check that students can hear you clearly, which will help with proper communication. You may ask questions within a standard interval. It will help you understand how your students learn from your online sessions.

6. Headset:

Also, you need to listen clearly to the response of your students during your class. Hence it is better to use a proper headset to make your students more interactive during classes. If you cannot hear their queries or questions, that will disturb your class.

If you have a good-quality sound system in your room, then you can use that. Good listening is vital for virtual classes, where you can’t see your students all the time. It will make the classes more interactive. Nowadays, several branded 2 in 1 headsets are available in the market. You can choose one as per your budget for your online class setup.

7. Lighting Equipment:

Ensuring proper lighting in online classes is essential for proper interaction. You need to ensure that the student can see your movements clearly. Also, adequate light is required if you use a whiteboard to give lessons. So the students can see all your notes correctly and clearly.  

Now varieties of lighting materials are available in the market. You can select one at your convenience. Too bright light may overexpose the screen, so you need to adjust the lumen properly. Try to focus light on your face so the students can see you clearly.

8. Desk or Laptop Stand:

It is one of the basic requirements for online classes. You need to ensure that you are comfortable the whole time. Use a proper desk and chair that will also make a good impression of your professionalism.

If you are using a laptop for the online class, you should use a proper stand to hold it. The primary purpose is to keep your laptop screen at your eye level. It will help you stay comfortable during lengthy online sessions.

9. Proper Teaching Tools:

The primary teaching tools in online classes nowadays are a whiteboard and colorful markers. It will help you emphasize the chapters in detail. It looks good and makes your lessons easily understandable for students if you use different colored pens for writing different segments on the beard.

You can use attractive 2D images for elementary school students to keep them engaged with the screen. In this way, they won’t lose concentration during classes and will enjoy themselves during the study session.

10. Backup Internet Connection:

It is last, but not of least importance. The primary internet connectivity may be disrupted at any time, so it is always better to keep a backup source. Because internet connectivity is the backbone of your online class, without it, you will lose the connectivity.

To avoid any such situation, always try to keep a backup internet option. So, you can continue your class even if your basic internet connectivity is disturbed.


Starting an online course is one of the best ways to reach more students and connect with a global audience. Also, with technological advances, some essential software or equipment is required for online classes. These few specialized tools and resources are all you need to get started and deliver the lessons properly.

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