The best areas in Alanya to buy property

Alanya has a well-established reputation as one of the most popular tourist destinations. However, in recent years, the trend has begun to change, and an increasing number of foreigners have chosen the province to move to permanent residence.

The best areas in Alanya to buy property

Alanya is attractive for pensioners, young professionals, and families with children. But there are other options for cost of flats in Alanya and buying Turkish property. Those who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle can consider houses in Kargicak, Mahmutlar, and Oba. Consider the advantages of these most popular areas of the province.

Turkish Property in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar remains one of the most developed areas in Turkey. He is experiencing a construction boom, which allows you to buy real estate in new buildings. The complexes are located close to the sea. On the first line, there are premium-class apartments and high-rise buildings a little further. An apartment with one or two bedrooms can be bought for 40 thousand euros. The area is attractive to investors. It is one of the few in which multi-story buildings are allowed. From the top floors, you can enjoy spectacular views of the coast.

Flats and apartments in Oba

The region has a favorable territorial location. The center of Alanya is only 10 minute drive, allowing you to use the resort's infrastructure. 40 minutes separate from the international airport. Antalya is at a distance of two hours of movement. You can find real estate for any budget in the area, from secondary housing stock in five-story old buildings to apartments in modern complexes under construction. The cost of real estate is affordable, for 50-60 thousand euros, you can buy a one-bedroom apartment. The area is optimal for moving to permanent residence. It has everything you need, from kindergartens and schools to hospitals.

Turkish property in Kargicak

The area has a reputation as an elite resort. Low-rise buildings make it possible to reduce contact with neighbors and lead a relatively secluded lifestyle. Villas and residences dominate the housing stock. You can buy an apartment in a residential complex. Due to the favorable location, almost every window offers a spectacular sea view. The average cost of apartments is 70 thousand euros, and a townhouse at the construction stage can be purchased for about 200 thousand euros. The area is actively developing, so its infrastructure can hardly be called ideal.

What has risen in price more

Premium apartments in Alanya, except for 1 + 1 apartments, have risen in price less than other apartments. Housing 2 + 1, 3 + 1, and 4 + 1 increased in value by only 7 - 10%.

If, in 2019, a furnished comfort class apartment (budget apartments) with household appliances in Mahmutlar could be purchased for 25-30 thousand euros, then at the beginning of 2022, the cost of such housing is 40-43 thousand euros.

Immediately after the decrease in mortgage rates in 2020, it was precisely such apartments (comfort class) that the indigenous people of Turkey quickly bought up.

Forecast for 2023

Housing specialists are talking about a further increase in prices for Turkish real estate since, according to experts, there will be much less construction and new residential complexes this year than in previous years, the heyday of the real estate market in Turkey.

Benefits of investing in housing stock in Turkey

The boom in Turkey's home sales growth began in 2021. In many ways, this was facilitated by the depreciation of the lira. However, foreigners' interest in real estate on the coast arose a little earlier. The pandemic, with its restrictions, prompted the idea that it is possible to relax in the summer, regardless of the ability of hotels to meet tourists. Investing in housing stock is justified for several reasons:

  • the opportunity to relax on the sunny coastfor the desired period;
  • saving money from inflation by capitalizing the cost of the purchase;
  • an affordable way to profit from the rental of real estate.

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