Pros And Cons Of Buying A Yacht

Buying a yacht, like any other expensive property, requires discretion and attention to detail. Should I buy a used yacht, why is this option good and what are its disadvantages? We will answer these questions in the article.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Yacht

When it comes to a used product, doubts immediately arise whether it is worth the money. If you take precautions, you can make a good deal and get a reliable ship. Such as Azimut 50. In the meantime, let's dwell on the advantages and disadvantages of used yachts.

Advantages of used yachts:

• Price. The obvious reason for buying used is the reduced price. Compared to new yachts, used yachts are inexpensive, which allows you to purchase a high-class vessel at a more affordable cost.

• Delivery time. If you want to get a yacht at your disposal as quickly as possible, then the choice is definitely for a used vessel. The construction of a new yacht can take several years: the larger the size of the boat and the more difficult it is to implement the customer's wishes, the longer it will take. In addition, the delivery time for a new vessel also depends on the workload of the shipyard. That is why many people buy a yacht in advance - usually in the fall.

• Range. The choice of used yachts "close to home" is always wider than new ones. In addition, it is more convenient to buy a vessel in a local marina than to pick it up from the factory.

Assembly. Owners, as a rule, are kind to yachts. It is not uncommon for used boats to be refitted with more expensive Yamaha and quality parts, giving them an advantage over newer boats of the same model. In addition, by the time of sale, the owner often manages to identify some weak points of the structure and eliminate them during repairs.

Customs clearance. Some used yachts have already passed customs clearance, which means that the new owner can avoid the bureaucratic procedures and expenses associated with “customs clearance”.

Cons of used yachts:

Someone else's project. Someone has already made such a yacht "for themselves", and the vision of the owner may not coincide with the vision of the buyer. Additional investment in new finishes, interiors, or additional equipment may be required.

No warranty. The average warranty period for a new yacht is two years. And by the time of the sale, it usually dries up. So the new owner will have to maintain and repair the vessel at his own expense.

Difficulty of selection. Interesting offers quickly find a buyer, and it is difficult to choose a really worthy option on your own - this will require the help of an experienced broker.

Hidden defects and wear. The seller always tries to present his goods in a favorable light, some deliberately hide the presence of damage and breakdowns. Therefore, when buying a used yacht, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the vessel and, if there is insufficient “expertise” in this area, to involve a specialist - a surveyor.

Legal nuances. Buying a used product always carries some risks. Hidden legal problems are possible - for example, if the vessel was acquired illegally or there is an encumbrance with the rights of third parties. Of course, such situations do not happen often, but it is still necessary to carefully check the purity of the transaction.