A Comprehensive Guide to Golden Visa UAE Requirements and Benefits

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has gained significant prominence on the global stage as a hub for business, innovation, and luxury living. In recent years, the UAE has introduced several initiatives to attract foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals. One of the most sought-after programs is the "Golden Visa UAE."

A Comprehensive Guide to Golden Visa UAE Requirements and Benefits

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the requirements and benefits of the Golden Visa UAE program, shedding light on how it can be your ticket to long-term residency in this dynamic and prosperous nation.

Understanding the Golden Visa UAE

The Golden Visa UAE is a program designed to grant long-term residency to individuals who meet specific criteria. It offers an array of benefits and has various routes to eligibility, making it an appealing option for those looking to establish a presence in the Emirates.

Golden Visa UAE Requirements

To obtain a Golden Visa UAE, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria and provide the necessary documents. Here are the main steps and requirements:

Real Estate Investment: One of the primary routes to securing a Golden Visa UAE is through real estate investment. Investors must purchase real estate in the UAE with a minimum value that should have already completed construction. These criteria also apply to properties under construction (off-plan investments) if they meet the minimum investment size. The investor's personal funds invested in real estate must exceed a specified amount.

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs can also obtain a 10-year visa under the Golden Visa UAE program.

Other Categories Eligible for a 10-Year Visa: Apart from real estate investors and entrepreneurs, the Golden Visa UAE is also available to award-winning scientists, researchers, highly skilled professionals in strategically important fields, outstanding talents, humanitarian pioneers, exceptional students, and graduates.

Advantages of the Golden Visa UAE

Now, let's explore the significant benefits of obtaining a Golden Visa UAE:

GDP per Capita: The UAE ranks globally in terms of GDP per capita. Its economy is one of the most advanced in the world, characterized by a high income level driven by exports of oil and gas, tourism, financial services, and transportation logistics. Overall, the UAE's economy continues to grow and develop, making it highly attractive to investors and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Citizenship Eligibility: After residing in the UAE for a specific duration, investors and their families can apply for citizenship. UAE citizens enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to numerous countries worldwide.

Safety: The UAE is renowned for its safety, boasting very low crime rates. The government actively ensures the safety of both tourists and residents, making it a secure place to live and invest.

Bank Account in the UAE: Holders of a residency visa can open bank accounts in the UAE in multiple currencies, facilitating financial transactions and investments.

Tax Benefits: The UAE offers a favorable tax regime for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Starting from a specified date, the corporate tax rate in the UAE is a set percentage for companies with income exceeding a specified amount.

Visa Duration: The Golden Visa UAE is issued for either 5 or 10 years, providing long-term stability and flexibility.

Time Spent Abroad: Golden Visa holders can spend extended periods outside the UAE without affecting the validity of their visa, a significant advantage compared to standard residency visas.

Visa-Free Entry: With a Golden Visa, you gain the privilege to visit several countries without requiring a separate visa.

Procedure for Obtaining a Golden Visa through Real Estate Purchase

For those interested in the real estate investment route, here's a brief overview of the application process:

Preliminary Check: A certified specialist reviews the investor's documents to prepare for due diligence checks and identify potential issues.

Document Preparation: Lawyers compile a list of required documents for visa application, including translations, notarization, and attestation.

Real Estate Purchase: Property selection and purchase can be done concurrently with document preparation.

Medical Examination in the UAE: The investor and family members over 18 undergo medical examinations, and a health certificate is issued for the residency visa.

Biometrics Collection and Visa Application Submission: Biometrics are collected at a UAE government services center, and documents are submitted for the residency visa.

Due Diligence Reliability Check: Applicants undergo a due diligence reliability check to confirm their eligibility.

Receipt of Residency Visa: Upon approval, the investor and family receive identity cards with the residency visa stamped on their passports.


The Golden Visa UAE offers a gateway to long-term residency in a country known for its economic prosperity, safety, and global connectivity. Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, scientist, or outstanding talent, this program provides an opportunity to reap the myriad benefits of residing in the United Arab Emirates.

List of Required Documents for UAE Golden Visa:

  1. Applicant's and family members' passports.
  2. Marriage certificate.
  3. Completed application.
  4. Photos for each family member.
  5. Medical certificates.
  6. Police clearance certificate.
  7. Paid consular fee.
  8. Title of the property deed.

How Long Does the Golden Visa Application Process Take?

Approximately after having submitted the application.

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