Mindfulness and Mental Health Apps

Smartphones have been associated with distraction for a while now. How then can they be the objects of consciousness and awareness? The secret is in the apps you install and the habits they help you to develop.

Mindfulness and Mental Health Apps

App and content creators have provided some of the best routines to enhance your situational awareness and retrain your habits into becoming one of the most mindful individual. 


The suitability of a mindfulness app depends on the features it offers. Some apps use a religious approach while others will lead you down the philosophical road. Some are heavy on music while others utilize quotes and stories. It is upon you to choose the best app that will enhance your mindfulness based on the content it provides.

Here are excellent apps that will enhance your mindfulness and strengthen your mental health. 

The Mindfulness App

This is an excellent app for beginners. It was originally designed for iOS gadgets. The app is simple and easy to use, allowing you to get into the routine immediately without a dragged learning curve. If you are in college and struggling with exams or pending assignments, you can get help from https://ewritingservice.com/ and instantly start your mindfulness lessons without having to learn the app. It has short sessions that will get you started in record time. 

The Mindfulness App provides a guided meditation routine that will get you going in five days. The sessions interchange between silent and guided periods. They are as short as 3 minutes with others being as long as 30 minutes. As you get used to meditation, you get into more complex yet rewarding routines. 

A mindfulness app that allows you to customize your session will give you better results. It offers a lot of free content but also with the option of subscribing to more detailed meditation content. The sessions will leave you calm and more focused. There are more than 250 sessions, giving you all the variety you need to get your mind in shape. It is one of the simplest yet best rated mediation apps. 


Headspace is designed for iOS and Android devices. It captures attention by the classification of its meditation materials. They are themed to make it easy to choose depending on the issue you would like to address. Since the materials are available in their hundreds, they will help you to deal with different situations. 

Some of the meditation materials on Headspace will help you to deal with anxiety, sleeplessness, focus, and stress. The content is created in short sessions of 10 minutes. It acts as a personal trainer such that you can manage your session away from the app. The app has been approved by scientists and users alike, giving it one of the best ratings among apps in its category. Basic content on Headspace is available for free. Once you master the art, you can unlock more by subscription. Others are available by an annual or monthly subscription. Whether you are using the app for free or as a subscriber, you have access to the best meditation content. 


One of the most common meditation and mindfulness issues is sleep and anxiety. Calm taunts itself as the number 1 app for sleep and meditation. The beautiful thing about the app is its introductory course that will take seven days on meditation. The course allows you to use any other content and control your results. It also offers guided meditation and an option for customized meditation. 

Calm offers the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly deal, annual package, or lifetime. If you are looking for a long term option, Calm is one of the best apps to pick. Numerous positive reviews of its customization features makes it the app of choice for persons who want to control their schedule. 

Smiling Mind 

At what age should people begin meditating? Smiling Mind raises the bar. It offers packages for children as young as 7 years. Once the child gets the routine going, he will grow into a mentally health and mindful individual. The content is categorized in terms of years from 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-19, and adults, among other age groups. It also focuses on the meditation needs of athletes in different fields and at different moments in their lives. 

Smiling Mind takes a holistic approach to meditation. It expands categories of meditation programs to cater to almost all imaginable situations. It also allows you to customize your sessions once you master the routine. This will give you better results and improve your overall health. 

Bright Mind 

The app provides a guided mental wellness journey. It is customized to meet diverse meditation needs for people and situations. It also trains you to take charge of your emotions by labeling them, identifying patterns, and keeping negative cycles away. Bright Mind also teaches the strategies to use in different situations to make your meditation more effective. 

Initial sessions are free. However, you will be required to subscribe to some of the most amazing meditation materials. They are prepared by researchers and have been tested to guarantee effectiveness. It also builds a community where you get support based on the mental issue you are struggling with. It is one of the best structured meditation apps. 

The internet has numerous mediation apps with diverse content. You are only required to choose an app that will meet your needs and provide a long term solution. Here are features to look for in a mediation and mindfulness app. 

Guided instructions and mindfulness meditation- it is the best approach for beginners. Once you understand the routine, you can customize the sessions to meet your needs. 

The skills you learn- meditation is a habit you develop. The structure of the content should impart life-long skills that will safeguard your mental health. 

Meditation teachers- the quality of materials and its impact on your life will depend on teachers preparing them. Choose an app created by professionals. 

Community- a community around an app provides the support you need to achieve long-term goals. 

New mindfulness and meditation apps will emerge promising amazing features. Only pick the app that helps you to attain the level of mindfulness you desire. Whether free or with subscription, it should guarantee value for money.