Tim Cook made Surprise appearance to talk Vision Pro during Porsche Event

 It's been reported by Electrek, that Porsche has unveiled its new all electric Taycan Turbo GT powerhouse, today. As a surprise, Tim Cook (Apple CEO) made a guest appearance in the launch video of Porsche with Apple Vision Pro.

Tim Cook made Surprise appearance to talk Vision Pro during Porsche Event
During today's Porsche's launch video many of the Apple products made cameos, that include iPhone for filming, Vision Pro and the Apple Watch Ultra.

In a Vision Pro cameos, Porsche has showcased its custom app for visionOS that is used to feature different camera feeds from the car, a detailing 3D model of the track and many more.

Kevin Giek, Vice President Product Line Taycan said, “Thanks to our custom race engineer cockpit app, it felt like I was right there in Laguna Seca,” then he said, “It has been great to bring the best of German engineering and Apple’s inspiring product innovations together.”

Tim Cook then gave a surprise to congratulate the Porsche team on the launch and to describe the benifits of the spatial computing.

His address to the Porsche was:

"Good morning, Oliver. Congratulations to you and the Porsche team on the new record you’ve set with this incredible new vehicle.

It’s these kinds of extraordinary milestones that show the world what can happen when a team of incredibly dedicated people come together to break new ground on a big idea. Porsche has always been known for excellence, and we’re proud to see a number of our products play a role in what you do. And it’s so great to see Apple Vision Pro helping reimagine track experiences.

I believe deeply that spatial computing has the potential to revolutionize virtually every industry, and you’re showing one of the many ways Apple Vision Pro is going to make the impossible possible."

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