300+ Cool & Funny Private Story Names for Snapchat 2024

Sharing some private moments with people who are close to your heart sometimes feels exhausting as no platform gives you the flexibility of selecting a set of people to share something.

300+ Cool & Funny Private Story Names for Snapchat 2024

However, Snapchat is one of the coolest platforms which gives you options such as a private story that you can create for free to select a few people and send snaps of your life’s moments. They will go to Snapchat users that you have selected and will stay private until they auto-delete after 24 hours.

Isn’t this this an amazing feature?

What is a Private Story?

Do you know how a private story different from a regular story? if not, here's a simple explanation:

A Private Story lets you share snaps with only a chosen group of friends on Snapchat. You decide who can see it, and unlike your regular Snapchat story, they won't be notified that it exists. These private snaps disappear after 24 hours, just like your regular Snapchat stories.

Now that you understand the importance of creating a private story on Snapchat, you may have a common question in your mind "How to Choose Good Private Story Names for Snapchat?" to answer this question, I have created some great lists to help you pick a perfect private story name without having to navigate to any other site. So read now:

Snapchat Private Story Names

Here I have some really cool and interesting but generic private story names that you can use for every topic:


  1. Golden Hour Glimpses
  2. Offbeat & Unfiltered
  3. Behind the Scenes Bliss
  4. Coffee & Contemplation
  5. Sunset Sessions
  6. Midnight Musings
  7. Wanderlusting Ways
  8. Foodie Finds & Hidden Gems
  9. Adventures Aplenty
  10. The Unfiltered Me

Intriguing & Playful:

  1. Top Secret Squad
  2. The Inner Circle
  3. What Happens Here, Stays Here
  4. My Unedited Masterpiece
  5. Peeking Through the Keyhole
  6. Don't Tell Mom ()
  7. Brain Dump Central
  8. Random Acts of Happiness
  9. Fueling Your FOMO
  10. The Untold Stories

Witty & Wordplay:

  1. The Daily Doodad
  2. Life in Technicolor
  3. Unboxing My Days
  4. Where the Wild Things Are
  5. My Chaotic Charm
  6. Adulting (ish)
  7. Snack Time & Shenanigans
  8. The Adventures of (Your Name)
  9. Living, Laughing, & Snapping
  10. Just Winging It

Mysterious & Enigmatic:

  1. Chapter Unknown
  2. Fragments of a Daydream
  3. A Glimpse Beyond the Veil
  4. The Stories Untold
  5. To Be Continued...
  6. The Inner Sanctum
  7. My Happy Place
  8. Vibes Only
  9. Fueling Your Curiosity
  10. Unwritten Chapters

You can use these private story names based on your favorite topic idea and check out some more cooler and funny names below:

Cool Private Story Names

These are some really cool private story names that are not available on any other website or list of private story name ideas. Yes, unique and available here only:

  1. Moonlit Mischief
  2. Daydream Dailies 
  3. The Unfiltered Feed
  4. Off-Limits Oasis
  5. Behind the Curtain
  6. Adventures in Authenticity
  7. Fueling Your Wanderlust 
  8. The Unseen Soundtrack
  9. Candid Chaos
  10. Whispers & Wonder 
  11. Unwritten Chapters
  12. The After Dark Archives
  13. Chronicles of Curiosity
  14. The Midnight Society
  15. Uncaged Creativity
  16. Living on Laugh Mode
  17. The Flip Side of the Script
  18. Fueling Your Fringe Obsessions 
  19. Unedited & Unbothered ‍
  20. The Unfiltered Frame ️
  21. Behind the Mask
  22. Daylight Dreamscapes
  23. Unfiltered & Unplugged
  24. The Unfinished Symphony
  25. Postcards from My Soul
  26. The Secret Playground
  27. Whispers of Inspiration 
  28. Unfolding the Unexpected
  29. Fuel for the Fire
  30. The Unedited Edit
  31. Chronicles of a Caffeinated Soul
  32. The Night Shift Chronicles
  33. Unboxing the Unknown
  34. Unwritten Melodies
  35. The Unfiltered Filter
  36. Living Life in Technicolor
  37. Behind the Headphones
  38. Fueling Your Daydreams

Funny Private Story Names

Want more ideas that are funny? well, I knew it and that's why I have this great list of new and unused funny private story names that you can't find anywhere else:

  1. Nailed It (But Probably Didn't)
  2. Sleep Deprived & Slightly Savage
  3. My Brain on a Tuesday
  4. Adulting: A Hilarious Disaster
  5. Don't Tell My Therapist
  6. Living on a Prayer (and Caffeine)
  7. Master of Disaster: The Sequel
  8. Hangry & Hungover (Maybe)
  9. Certified Meme Connoisseur
  10. My Social Battery: Dead on Arrival
  11. Shower Thoughts & Questionable Choices
  12. Professional Procrastinator
  13. Channeling My Inner Weirdo
  14. Unsolved Mysteries of My Fridge
  15. Winning at Life (Mostly Jokes)
  16. My Spirit Animal is a Nap
  17. Adulting is a Scam
  18. Don't Judge My Dance Moves
  19. Living Proof Laughter is the Best Medicine
  20. Currently Running on Wine Fumes
  21. My Weekend Forecast: Questionable Decisions
  22. Where Outfits Go to Die (Laundry Pile)
  23. Champion of Awkward Encounters
  24. My Love Language is Pizza & Netflix
  25. Single-handedly Keeping Pajama Companies in Business
  26. Low on Energy, High on Sass
  27. This is My "I Tried" Face
  28. Proof I Left the House Today (Maybe)
  29. Adulting is Optional, Right?
  30. My Life: A Neverending Series of Bloopers
  31. Sending Memes to My Therapist
  32. Lowkey Judging Everyone (But Myself)
  33. My Bank Account is Crying
  34. Currently in a Snack Coma
  35. Living Proof Google Can't Answer Everything
  36. Proof I Made it Through Monday (Barely)

These names might sound a bit long for a private story name, but they are really worth it and you can add extra sauce using some emojis.

Crazy Private Story Names

Craziness sometimes hits different on Snapchat, and here's what you should name your private story which is based on posting some crazy stuff:

  1. Nacho Average Life
  2. Living on Moonshine Time
  3. This is My Existential Crisis
  4. Sleep-deprived & Slightly Savage
  5. May Contain Unfiltered Opinions 
  6. Where Adulting Goes to Die
  7. Single-handedly Keeping Pajama Culture Alive
  8. Lost Socks & Philosophical Thoughts
  9. Fueling Your Conspiracy Theories
  10. Master of the Awkward Pause
  11. Don't Judge, Just Watch
  12. My Brain is a Disco Ball on Repeat
  13. Adventures in Wanderlust (My Fridge)
  14. Procrastination Station: Level Expert
  15. Unleashing My Inner Weirdo (It's Scary)
  16. Living Proof Coffee Can Solve Anything
  17. Does This Outfit Spark Joy? (Spoiler: No) 
  18. Sing Along if You Know the Lyrics (Spoiler: You Don't) 
  19. Chronic Snack Enthusiast (Don't Judge)
  20. My Playlist is a Questionable Mix
  21. Fueling Your FOMO with Questionable Choices 
  22. Adulting is a Myth, Spread the Word!
  23. Netflix & existential dread: My Perfect Night In
  24. This is My "I'm Fine" Face (Spoiler: I'm Not)
  25. Master of the Art of the Dramatic Nap
  26. Where Sarcasm Reigns Supreme
  27. My Spirit Animal is a Sloth (Don't Judge)
  28. Does Anyone Else Talk to Their Plants?
  29. May Contain Excessive Use of Filters (Sorry Not Sorry)

Good Private Story Names

Here's another list of some good private story names with their explanation to help you pick a perfect name idea:

  1. Ephemeral Escapades (fading moments)
  2. Daylight Dreams & Coffee Streams
  3. The Unfiltered Archive (genuine experiences)
  4. Behind the Curtain (a peek into your life)
  5. Whispers of Wanderlust (travel-inspired)
  6. The Curious Chronicles (adventures documented)
  7. Serendipity Snaps (unexpected moments)
  8. Unfolding Like a Polaroid (life as a developing photo)
  9. Starry-Eyed & Sun-Kissed (positive vibes)
  10. The Unedited Edit (raw and real)
  11. From Sunrise to Streetlights (capturing the whole day)
  12. Melodies & Mayhem (music and fun)
  13. The Anti-Highlight Reel (showing the not-so-perfect)
  14. Brainstorming Bubbles (creative thoughts)
  15. Behind the Brushstrokes (artistic endeavors)
  16. Fueling Your Imagination (sparking creativity)
  17. Midnight Melodies & Moonlit Musings (late-night thoughts)
  18. The Unwritten Soundtrack (life's soundtrack)
  19. Lost in Translation (funny mishaps)
  20. The Unfiltered Filter (embracing authenticity)
  21. Petals & Prose (nature and writing combined)
  22. Whispers from the Wild (nature adventures)
  23. Culinary Capers (food explorations)
  24. The Alchemy of Everyday (making magic of ordinary)
  25. The Imperfectly Perfect Project (embracing flaws)
  26. Serendipitous Snippets (unexpected joys)
  27. The Unscripted Symphony (life's spontaneous flow)
  28. Behind the Mask (showing your true self)
  29. Coffee & Conquests (daily achievements)
  30. The Unfinished Masterpiece (life as a work in progress)

Clever Private Story Names

Some more clever name ideas that will surely make private stories awesome:

  1. Daylight Drabbles
  2. The Unseen Symphony
  3. Behind the Filter
  4. The Detour Diaries
  5. Fueling Your Fernweh
  6. From Sunrise to Silly
  7. Confetti & Conundrums
  8. The Unplanned Expedition
  9. Brainstorming with Brunch
  10. Whispers from the Muse
  11. Quirky & Caffeinated
  12. The Unfiltered Lens
  13. Chronicles of a Night Owl
  14. Where Creativity Crashes
  15. Unboxing the Day's Delights
  16. Living on a Starry-Eyed Whim
  17. My Curator of Curiosities
  18. Fueling Your FOMO, with Flair
  19. Behind the Curtain
  20. The Unedited Masterpiece
  21. The Midnight Manifesto
  22. Snack Time & Self-Love
  23. Adventures in Almost-Adulting
  24. The Sunset Serenade
  25. Where Imagination Ignites
  26. The Unwritten Chapters (Volume 2)
  27. My Inner Sanctuary
  28. The Unfiltered Filter: Director's Cut
  29. Living on Sunshine & Shenanigans
  30. Chronicles of a Restless Soul
  31. The Imperfect Edit
  32. From Chaos to Clarity
  33. The Antidote to Mundanity
  34. Fueling Your Daydreams
  35. Unleashing My Inner Wonder
  36. Offbeat Escapades: Global Edition
  37. The Symphony of My Soul
  38. Living on Laughter & Moonlight
  39. Chronicles of a Curious Mind
  40. The Unwritten Soundtrack: Remastered

Best Private Story Names Ideas

Best ever private story name ideas that you can't find on any other site:

  1. Golden Hour Glimpses
  2. Offbeat & Unfiltered
  3. Behind the Scenes Bliss
  4. Coffee & Contemplation
  5. Sunset Sessions
  6. Midnight Musings
  7. Wanderlusting Ways
  8. Foodie Finds & Hidden Gems
  9. Adventures Aplenty
  10. The Unfiltered Me
  11. Top Secret Squad
  12. The Inner Circle
  13. What Happens Here, Stays Here
  14. My Unedited Masterpiece
  15. Peeking Through the Keyhole
  16. Don't Tell Mom
  17. Brain Dump Central
  18. Random Acts of Happiness
  19. Fueling Your FOMO
  20. The Untold Stories
  21. The Daily Doodad
  22. Life in Technicolor
  23. Unboxing My Days
  24. Where the Wild Things Are
  25. My Chaotic Charm
  26. Adulting (ish)
  27. Snack Time & Shenanigans
  28. The Adventures of (Your Name)
  29. Living, Laughing, & Snapping
  30. Just Winging It
  31. Chapter Unknown
  32. Fragments of a Daydream
  33. A Glimpse Beyond the Veil
  34. The Stories Untold
  35. Daylight Drabbles
  36. The Unseen Symphony
  37. Behind the Filter
  38. The Detour Diaries
  39. Fueling Your Fernweh
  40. From Sunrise to Silly
  41. Confetti & Conundrums
  42. The Unplanned Expedition
  43. Brainstorming with Brunch
  44. Whispers from the Muse
  45. Quirky & Caffeinated
  46. The Unfiltered Lens
  47. Chronicles of a Night Owl
  48. Where Creativity Crashes
  49. Unboxing the Day's Delights
  50. Living on a Starry-Eyed Whim
  51. My Curator of Curiosities
  52. Fueling Your FOMO, with Flair
  53. Behind the Curtain
  54. The Midnight Manifesto
  55. Snack Time & Self-Love
  56. Adventures in Almost-Adulting
  57. The Sunset Serenade
  58. Where Imagination Ignites

Creative Private Story Names Ideas

Want to show your art or be a creative personality? check some creative private story names ideas to make it a reality:

  1. After Dark Adventures
  2. Candid Chronicles
  3. Coffee & Convos
  4. Daydream Dispatches
  5. Escapades & Explorations
  6. Foodie Fiction (if it's food-focused)
  7. Freestyle Fridays
  8. Hidden Highlights
  9. Inner Circle Insights
  10. Joys & Jitters
  11. Late-Night Laughs
  12. Mindful Moments
  13. Moonlit Musings
  14. My Unfiltered Feed
  15. Offbeat Oasis
  16. Off-the-Grid Gallery
  17. Peeking Behind the Curtain
  18. Secret Society Shenanigans
  19. Serendipity Snippets
  20. Soul Sessions
  21. The Unseen Story
  22. Unwritten Chapters
  23. Whispers & Wanderlust
  24. Wildflower Wanderings

More Snap Private Story Names

Last but not least, a list for all the boys and girls on snapchat that are so random ideas private story name ideas to choose from:

  1. Caffeinated Chaos
  2. Impromptu Inspirations
  3. Secret Sauce (teasing intriguing content)
  4. Pillow Talk & Postcards (travel or personal stories)
  5. Behind the Scenes Shenanigans
  6. The Unfiltered Filter
  7. Midnight Munchies & Masterminds
  8. Brainstorming & Brunch
  9. Brainwaves & Bonfires
  10. Candid Capers
  11. The Unedited Edit
  12. Mischief Managed (playful name)
  13. The Night Owls' Nest
  14. Unfolding the Unknown
  15. Coffee & Contemplation
  16. The Not-So-Serious Squad
  17. Raw & Real Reels
  18. Hidden Gems & Giggles
  19. The Uncensored Feed
  20. Adventures in Authenticity
  21. Unfiltered & Unapologetic
  22. The Renegade Reels
  23. Wanderlust Whispers
  24. Quirky Chronicles
  25. The Offbeat Odyssey
  26. Secret Society Soirees
  27. Uncaged Creativity
  28. The Unpolished Project

So, what's your favorite name? and would you like to check out this amazing list of private story names?

Let's learn more:

Benefits of Using Private Story Feature on Snapchat

Unlike the rest of the social network Snapchat features, the private story feature is different as it is something that is not made to give you fame, but to give you control over your privacy here’s a list of some interesting benefits of using private story feature on Snapchat:

  1. You can develop deeper connections with your friends and your loyal fans too
  2. There will be no more pressure on you to create the perfect content (since you are the one choosing the audience)
  3. More interesting ways to engage in a conversation as you can choose a viewer to start a conversation in your private story
  4. You can choose the audience of your private story and have full control over it
  5. You can also feel free to be yourself and post whatever you think is suitable for your personality and your selected audience

What is a good private story name?

If you still have this question after reading 300+ cool and funny private story names for Snapchat that are based on various (almost every) topic, then here's a quick answer for you:

There's no perfect private story name idea, you can pick your favorite or create your own name and make it yours. That's the only way around.

What can I name my private story?

This a simple yet interesting question and here's a straightforward question to help you understand it easily:

You can actually name your private story whatever you think is a right name, there's no hard rule at snapchat that stops you from using a particular private story name. You can litterly pick any name for it.

What else?

Go create your private story on Snapchat and pick a perfect name from our new and updated private story names lists.