The Wedding of Your Dreams Without the Big Bill

The Wedding of Your Dreams Without the Big Bill

Thinking of a fairy tale wedding but worried about the price? You're not alone. 

Many couples today want to find ways to celebrate their love that won't break the bank. Because, let's face it, life is expensive enough, and the wedding price tag always seems to be on the rise. 

Below, we'll give you some ideas to get the wedding of your dreams without the big bill.

Consider a Non-Traditional Venue

The venue and catering will be the most significant portion of the wedding bill. However, who says you need a grand ballroom or fancy event space? 

There are plenty of non-traditional venues that are equally as beautiful but much more affordable than their conventional counterparts. And we'd say they're becoming more popular. Some suggestions include public parks, art galleries, community centres, or even someone's back yard! 

These have characters already built in and require minimal decor, but they also tend to charge less in terms of rental fees per hour or day than other places might ask for rent for an entire month! 

Turn Social Media Uploads Into Photo Books

Who says you need to pay money to a photographer? This way of capturing your wedding is so much more special. Ask guests to take pictures throughout the day and upload them onto one social media group or use a unique hashtag, specifically created just for your wedding.

Afterward, create a beautiful physical photo book filled with these shared memories. It's a far more intimate and detailed account of what happened on a special day seen through the eyes of loved ones. You can use the best photo book maker online to ensure it comes out to the highest quality.

Do It Yourself Decor and Flowers

Another area where DIY can shine through is with decorations and flowers. 

Nowadays, there are so many craft stores and online tutorials around that anything from centrepieces to bouquets can be made by hand if you want them done that way – which will save quite significantly compared to having everything professionally designed & arranged, florist style, etc. 

As a bonus, this also provides another opportunity for friends & family members who may wish to participate actively in helping create items together during pre-wedding get-togethers, etc. 

Digital Invites and RSVPs

It seems wasteful to spend hundreds on printed wedding invitations, not to mention the postage costs too! 

Instead, consider opting for digital invites, which can be beautifully customised yet cost a fraction of as much as their printed counterparts. Websites like Canva or Minted offer options where you design your invitations still looking elegant and professional enough for anyone receiving them. 

Plus, tracking RSVPs online is so much simpler than having people post backwards through letterboxes – not only that but also it helps give a more accurate idea about numbers attending events from an early-stage planning perspective.

Planning the wedding of your dreams on a budget is doable with creativity and planning. The question is - what does your dream wedding look like to you? Whatever you do, make it a good one.